• Rachel seems intelligent and fair.
    So I would like for her to answer some fair and honest questions.  
    *Why are you willing to work for a network that is so openly sexist, and with men who are too often complete and utter ego driven a*holes when it comes to women.
    **With a large percentage of the gay/lesbian community supporting Senator Clinton, why is it that the only gay/lesbian folks we hear and see are either openly vitriolic Clinton haters like Andrew Sullivan and Christopher Hitchens, or Obama supporters like you, Rachel.

    No group is monolithic but honestly if one got their info from MSM/cable one would think all gays and all white males just were hysterical with hate for Senator Clinton.  It seems unfair and irrational to me when clearly the split between Obama and Clinton is pretty even.

  • Glad to hear that.  Seems to me this is an easy one to unite on.  Matthews anti Clinton, very personal vitriol should have offended all of us....the reality is that anyone who takes it to that ugly level for personal reasons is a scary being.   And at the same time, his personal admiration for W was frightening.  This is the man who was decribing George W as having a sunny nobility.  His compliments for anyone should be taken with his poor judgment in mind.

  • Rachel is a huge disappointment but then she has choses to stay with an overtly sexist network.
    But this bugs me.  I have many many friends in the gay/lesbian community.  Overwhelmingly they support Hillary.  Yet on television the only gays I ever see are the vitriolic Clinton haters like Andrew Sullivan or the Obama worshippers like Rachel.  Hardly fair or accurate.
  • Yea and Axlerod wears a halo.  Give me a break.  He pushed rove's tactics from the get go.  Attack the opponents strong point...right from rove. One of Hillary's strongpoints was the way she was embraced and respected in the African American Community.   So what did Axlerod do?   He had his team use race baiting and imply at every turn that Hillary Clinton is a racist.
    Talk about low, dirty and pathetic.  He and Penn could be roomates.
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    This is so pathetic...your fake outrage.  The whole "How dare she meme..." is quite overdone.
    Obama and friends have called the Clintons racists, warmongers, liars and any and every negative line to make the sanctimonious liberals go into shock.  Problem is that they are LIES.

    So please save your "holier than thou" nonsense for someone who just fell off the turnip truck.

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    I loved it too.  It was a great reminder that good people, equally lovers of democracy, can have deep and abiding disagreements.  Too bad, often, one side or the other has to label the opponent "evil" or pandering or calculating or manipulating.  When the stakes are high it requires much passion to win. We all need to remember that.

  • Oh please Obamanation goes nuts if Hillary Clinton even talks to anyone they deem as evil. I dislike Murdoch and Scaife as much as anyone.  But it is ridiculous what the Obama fans have done on the bbs to Senator Clinton. Ditto with her not spewing hatred of any and everyone the Obama folks deem evil.
    Sorry you guys sound more and more like the wingers who put W into office.  Anyone says anything slightly negative about Senator Obama and it's angry hysteria.  I still shake my head at how inane it was that so many went nuts when Bill Clinton  said "Senator Obama was an unknown."  Sheesh.  I knew when that put the Obama camp over the edge what was happening.  The race baiting started and it has not stopped.  Axlerod was using Rove's playbook...attack the strengths of an opponent. One of Senator Clinton's great strengths was that she was embraced and trusted in the African American community.  The Obama campaign implied "racist" toward Clinton so many times that even though there is not one ounce of truth in it it stuck.  I admire Senator Clinton for her restraint in responding to that ploy.  No lie could be more hurtful, more nasty, more negative than that.  So spare me the whining.
    The Obama campaign has alienated many of us who know what a rotten swift boat was used.
  • So go to the daily Obama and be content there.  No Hillary folks welcomed there.  Or go to Obamington Post where they HIGHLIGHT IN RED anything the can spin negative about Senator Clinton and anything negative about Senator Obama is either trashed by the messianic movement known as Obamanation, or hidden on the back pages.  

  • Oh please...indeed.

    What a whiner you are?  Bullying?  Hell no we leave that to the Obamington Post and dkos aka daily Obama.

  • party leaders had their heads up their arses and put their egos before democracy?
    Yea, that's a great solution.  Clearly more than 99.9 had no knowledge of, no say in this.  But just because discrediting them will seemingly help Obama, his supporters are ready to disenfranchise voters' rights.  
    Why am I not surprised.
  • Give me a break.  Voters, considering how openly sexist NBC and MSNBC have been, how anti Clinton the press has been for years, are split pretty evenly.

    As for blogs, dkos is openly and often nastily pro Obama and anti Clinton.  Sexism and ageism are acceptable "isms" there.  Huffington aka Obamington Post is nothing less than nasty and lying when it comes to the Clintons.  ANY negative headline they can come up with is highlighted in RED.  So some of us come here for discussions.  And yet, people like you imply "How Dare You have a Blog that has more pro Hillary diaries recommended than pro Obama diaries."

    You mean if one is for Hillary and chooses to come here rather than dkos and thus makes this blog lean more to Hillary, it's wrong??????
    When you go and complain to Markos that his site is unfairly biased toward Obama, maybe your comment will have some merit.

  • Of course...nothing matters at the Obamington Post except for how to make Senator Clinton look like a nasty, horrid woman; Obamington Post is a joke.  It stopped having credibility has a NEWS and commentary blog when the powers that be (the largest investor is apparently an Obama guy) decided it was OK to be tabloid.  Arianna herself had been a right winger for years.  I think she was a Reagan lover.  I was shocked at first when she became anti Bush.  But now, after seeing the way she goes after Senator Clinton, it is pretty obvious she is still pushing the same right wing Clinton hate she was pushing in the 90s.

    It has sadly damaged Senator Clinton.  The pundit class, KNOWN for its love of Ronald Reagan and it's hatred of the Clintons, has sadly once again been successful in duping the public.  You know when after the shameless and over misogyny of MSNBC and NBC, after the way so many on the so-called progressive blogs defended the likes of Matthews, Russert and Shuster, these bloggers spend the week whining, complaining about the ABC debate, it is obvious.  The progressives have become what they say they hate: kool aid drinkers who march lockstep in hatred and attack mode.

  • Has the owner of that site been on MSNBC to give their biased bigoted opinions?  Have they been invited to be on the Bill Maher Show?  Are they mentioned as a blog on MSM shows?  I have never been to that site and the ONLY people that mention it are Hillary haters.  Somehow this obscure site that gets no attention except from those who need to say "Yes but, yea but......" whenever someone decries the open bias and nastiness of dkos toward another democrat, and the overt hatred of Senator Clinton at Huffington.  Are you honestly saying that this obscure site that you frequent has the visibility with anyone except those extreme haters from both sides?????
    And you are equating the silence of those of us who have never gone there with the silence of the very well known boggers on well know sites?
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    dkos has become an unreadable biased nasty site where nothing is considered over the top when it comes to Clinton hate.

    Obamington Post (formerly the Huffpost) is just as bad.  What kind of liberals love this kind of bias?  Oh that's right...they are not liberals, they are "progressives".  They have progressed from open minded, big tent understanding, to close minded biased hate.  Obamington is now doing ALL NEGATIVES about Hillary in red, and it is clear to anyone with sense of fairness and dignity that the folks running it look for any and all negative pics of Hillary Clinton.

    I read somewhere the biggest investor in Huffington is an Obama guy.  I also remember the years when Arianna was a die hard right winger.  Marcos has admitted he was a Reagan lover.  

    So what does this tell me?  The honest liberals, the kind that truly believe there is no such thing as absolutism; the ones who understand the tyranny from the left is every bit as horrid and awful as tyranny from the right (think Hitler vs Stalin) are stunned at the so called activist left.
    Like Hillary I am not thrilled with the "our way or the highway" mentality of the left wing blogs.
    Like the right they are framing the world simplistically.  Jane Hamsher trashes Hillary for her remarks on Afghanistan.  The bottom line is Afghanistan was a breeding ground for horrid folks, and HELLO, we the silent citizenry of the 80s are responsible.  It's not only the place where training for extremists happened, it was the place where women, mostly poor women, because the educated and the rich women mostly got out, were beaten, tortured and abused by the Taliban, a group able to grow and prosper thanks to our need to destroy the Soviets.
    We did it...then we abandoned them.  
    Absolutists think ALL intervention anywhere is wrong....humanitarians understand that choices are not easy.  I believe in non violence. But I understand as a human being if I see a weak, defenseless person (child, woman, old person) being attacked, I may have to use physical force to stop it. Sometimes there are no absolutes.  

    But the so called left wing activists have become just like the right.  Evil (Hillary) vs Good (Obama).  Paternalism is rearing it's ugly head on the left wing....Obama has become the male messiah to lead us.  Just like the right.

    Hillary has made mistakes.  So has Obama but the dkos and Obamington have become the refuge of hate mongers.  
    For the record I will vote for whomever the nominee is but I have no desire to work with the left wing who works on the same level as the right wing...using the media to boost their negative spin.
    They are going nuts over what ABC did to Obama...and yet they cheered on the same behavior from NBC and MSNBC toward Hillary.  Is that liberal, progressive thinking now??  It's only wrong when my candidate is the target?  When Matthews, Shuster and others trash Hillary it's acceptable....and they cry "get tough".  When Obama is trashed they just cry.

    No, that diary is no surprise.  But I guarantee you somehow Hillary Clinton will be blamed for it.

  • on a comment on Open Thread over 6 years ago

    Having given money to Moveon.org, considering myself an activist for years, I am feeling a lot like Hillary.  If the activists on the blogs continue to treat those of us who think differently about liberal causes like we are scum, it's not a far leap.
    I understand where she is coming from.  Activists working for Obama have called Senator Clinton a racist, a liar, a phony, a b*tch, a war monger and a cold hearted manipulator.  They did not just debate her over issues, and her viewpoint. It was open namecalling of Rovian levels.  According to many on the blogs, Clinton is evil. Regardless of what is said, the facts remain, the senator from NY represented the will of the people she was representing.  To say that made her a war monger is a right wing tactic.  To say anyone who does not think ONE WAY, does not go in lock step with certain people on the left, is evil and a war monger, has really made me doubt my connection to the left also.  Some of the people now militantly left, voted for Bush, voted for Reagan and admitted they did so.  So maybe it is their own guilt.  For those of us who marched against Reagan  policies, while our fellow democrats were then Independents or unengaged, to now be told we are not true progressives, because we do not worship Obama or march in lockstep with Markos ( Reagan dem by his own admission), or with Arianna (a right winger for a long time) is angering.

    When the democratic party becomes controlled by one group, with one viewpoint, and no longer has tolerance for those who think differently, I have a problem.  Some of the party activists act like they are infallible and inspired by some god claiming who is good and who is evil.  Tyranny from the left is every bit as bad as tyranny from the right.


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