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    I doubt it will change the minds of some (here and on other progressive blogs) who simply refuse to acknowledge there has been an issue for women for most of history.  But it was still a great read.

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    intelligent than you are.
    Your absolutist view is silly; your need to set this up as "Blame Hillary" even before she gets to do her job, is ridiculous.

    The "Bay of Pigs" has always been a part of Kennedy's administration. I have never heard anyone blaming his SoS.  And the Obama kids still can't get how it works.

    And NO SIR she did not use color to hurt Obama.  So please stop spreading hateful lies.

  • Are we supposed to be impressed by progressives who repeat the same old tired neocon rages against affirmative action from years and years and years of a certain group protecting their status?

    If it was always about getting the "BEST" and right preson, then frankly we would not have had 200 years of domination by white males.

    How silly for people to insist we must all NOW be color blind, gender blind as if people were never shut out.  The fact is that organizations like NOW, like the NAACP were formed because for most of everyone's lifetime, being the best was NOT the most important criteria...being white and male and mostly rich trumped it all.

    So please spare us the phony idealism.

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    hang separately....

    Clearly people like you don't get it, don't understand how many lives were saved, improved by unions.  You remind me of a lot of younger progressives....throwing out the baby with the bath water.

    I have given up trying to explain to those who have bought the years and years and years of the right's spin about unions, why unions matter.  Clearly you see to come from that Reagan loving mentality.

  • Last night senior editor of NEWSWEEK, Jonathan Alter, describe the possibility of Hillary as SoS would "keep her out of mischief" in the Senate.

    SHEESH..."out of mischief"?  What is she? A child? An elf?  Give me a freaking break.  These press people are clueless when it comes to their own sick biases and misogyny?

  • Chris Matthews (there is a whole set of videos on this sexist pig's Hillary bashing).......is it just his misogyny?  No.  His Clinton bashing goes back to the 90s
    Mike Barnicle...the guy who describe Hillary as sounding every man's ex outside of probate court...
    Olberman? Shuster? Maddow?

    These people all describe themselves as dems....
    and with the exception of Maddow and Olberman spent years as dems adoring Bush and hating the Clintons.

    And then there are the EX republicans and Reagan worshippers....Arianna Huffington, Markos.....mainstream dem blogs who have kept CDS alive and strong

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    for someone claiming to be gender neutral in your views, you seem to be making a concerted effort to make this a women vs men issue, and trash the women for daring to speak out.  

    Again, how the hell does this rate the word "attack" when it is clearly NOT an attack. I am beginning to see a hidden agenda on your part......one that is not good for women.

  • most of us can see quite clearly and recognize CDS.  So many of those afflicted with CDS come from the Reagan loving mentality....hero worshippers who cannot get beyond their own judgmental hate to even think in realistic terms.  Personal hate is easy to recognized.  It is NOT a quality associated with true liberal/progressive thinking. You show your colors the minute you make it about the Clintons and not about issues.

  • don't give a damn about sore, adolescent "winners" who probably were former republicans and Reagan lovers..  Sheesh...I am so damn sick if the UNprogressive left....closed minded judgemental jerks.

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    an admitted "conservative" democrat.
    And it is no stretch to know Sullivan is an admitted conservative (republican, independent, whatever).
    One is being trashed. One is being defended.


    Personally I find Sullivan to be an obnoxious human being who comes off as sneering and looking down on others.  His comments toward Senator Clinton were mean spirited, nasty and in my view quiet unnecessary.
    So why does Sullivan get praised here?  Because he seemed to be supporting Obama?  He admittedly voted for Bush at least once.

    I really don't get the double standard here.

  • I understand those things and have seen them, thought about them myself.  So in a sense I knew those answers.  My problem: those answers made sense for my young, the adolescent mind. No so much now. I understand how it works for the poor and disenfranchised in many parts of the world.  I also understand ignorance can exist even in a world with a plethora of information available.  

    But when the ignorant folks are well educated, are privy to reality, I don't get it.  How does someone who has seen and suffered the affects of intolerance continue the pattern.

    I grew up in a time where the Catholic church was powerful, went to catholic schools and was often frightened by the scare tactics of nuns and priests.  When I went to a public college and met friends from protestant sects, I saw that they too were often indoctrinated.  
    But I started questioning.  I could read, I could think.  I did not understand why people of color were scary to people (in my college in the middle of bland white bread central PA) who never met any.  I never understood why some of my friends asked me if it was true that nuns sacrificed babies.  I never got why they thought.  How did I get knowledge. I read; I questioned; I thought.  I can read the bible and even at 14 I got that some of the old testament rules were silly in modern days.

    So when a person capable of reading that "no lying together men with men" is in the same verse as "no cutting of hair" or "no wearing of mixed fabrics",  I don't get how they don't get it.

    But thanks for trying.

  • but only because I cannot fathom an answer.   Let me explain.  My mother was born on another country, English was not her first language.  Ditto for my paternal grandparents.  When my father and siblings went to school (back in the 1920s) and did not speak English, he and his sister were called "dirty little foreigners"......they remember the words.  Unlike their parents they were actually bilingual.  

    I remember one of my aunts using slurs against other ethnic groups.....sometimes Jewish, sometimes against African Americans, sometimes against the Irish.  One day as a teen, I asked her why....and how...how, knowing what she and her siblings had been through, how it hurt, she could do it to others.

    Anyway, she had no real answer.  I guess I don't that there is one but go ahead and let me hear yours.

  • as to why African Americans or women or Latinos would even belong to the Republican party, please share.  

    I don't get why women or minorities still belong to the Christian "bible" churches, to the evangelicals, the catholics, or any of the churches, synagogues, temples, mosques that push the notion of
    paternalistic rule.

    Why are women and some minorities against things like affirmative action?  Do they honestly believe there is a level playing field after over 200 years of favoring one group?

    That people who have been discriminated against still vote to discriminate against others does not shock me. It has happened all too often.  But I still don't get it. .....I really don't.  Over 2000 years ago, the man for whom many name their beliefs, fought to the death against discrimination of all kinds, and yet not they discriminate in his name.  Go figure.

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    that was enlightening as well as moving.

  • This kind of mentality is what has turned so many women off to the so called "progressive" movement.

    Affirmative action happened for a reason.
    Gender and race matter because if they didn't we would not have had 230 years of rule by the "white men only" club.

    There has been an UNEVEN playing field for over two hundred years and NOW because supposedly to some of you there has been a leveling of that field, you think "all is well" and nothing matters.
    The blatant sexism on the left has disappointed me and honestly shocked me.  Coming from a time when females were shut out of colleges, home ownership, and equal pay for equal work (and I am only 62), I KNOW reality.  You obviously do not.


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