• No one has the right to to torture and kill, beat and take away the freedom of others.....not a country and not some paternalistic religious nut.

    Just because a bully does it in their own country, in their own community and bases it on religion makes it no less horrid than when governments do it to each other.

    Blaming Israel to justify some idiotic torture by some men who think they have the right to tell women and girls how to live seems counterproductive and sick.

  • My sister died in an ER in Montgomery County PA.  Even though she asked to be transported to Suburban or Bryn Mawr (where care for heart issues is much faster/better) by law she went to Norristown.  Not as dense as Chester but in some ways similar in the urban area......

    She waited 8 hours for a CT scan that probably would have saved her life by giving the facts (she had an aorta rip).  And since it was documented that she had an aortic aneurysm and that documentation was in fact presented to the ER....... Instead she died waiting......

    I know it's a problem in dense areas.  What do we do? How do we get people to give a damn?

  • Too many immature ones here, even if they claim to be older.  The absolute only people I can accept might find the image funny would be middle schoolers.  And as long time teacher of middle school students, I would be spending time with them explaining WHY the picture is inappropriate, hurtful and implies a lack of empathy for fellow human beings.  

    Seriously who knew so called adults would defend this behavior?   The more I read the more I understand how far backward we have gone when it comes to gender discrimination.

  • by this afternoon, the MSNBC team will have found a way to make this the Clintons' fault.  After all, Hillary was born in IL so surely Chris Matthews will find a way to spin this as an evil Hillary plot to destroy Obama via Chicago politics.

  • you mentioned faced sexism in their rise through the ranks but because much of it was probably more localized in the news, many of us have less awareness.

    Hillary has been on the national scene for so long she is much more of a symbol that the other women.  Plus, early on she was trashed by the right for being a feminist, and hailed by the left for her speech on women's rights at the UN.

  • flirting is subjective.  There was no arrest because there was no proof of any inappropriate contact.  

    He was fired anyway.

    Some felt if he was too stupid to not be able to curb his language to a female student, he would be too stupid to get where the he was crossing the line.

    He was fired for being stupid.  This guy was stupid.  Why as a citizen would I not protest Obama hiring someone this blatantly dumb.

    And it is sexist.  Clearly there is a difference here in perception because most of the female bloggers see it as sexist.

  • call out every outrage in one comment, I have no right to call out any outrage?

    Whatever.  You are trivializing what my point was and honestly I find your comments condescending.

    But have a nice day.

  • Because I cannot imagine that someone who claims to be opened minded and accepting but is not calls themselves liberal, I am closed minded?  Is that what you are saying?

    Are you saying I should accept racists and sexists behavior or accept them as being human? Because no where did I imply any desire to rid the earth of anyone.   Where in my post did I call for the elimination of those with views different than mine?

    Because I do not understand their contradiction in behavior and belief, you see me as the one with the problem?  Explain please. Is it wrong to admit I do not get it?

    I complain about ageism all the time. In this case age is being used to excuse and rationalize not deny or defeat.  Yes, some in here have been over and false generalizing about young people, no doubt.  Often here, there is an over/false generalization about older people, about men, about women, about atheists, about Christians, about blacks, about whites.  Humans false generalize all the time. I call people on it when appropriate.
    In this thread, ageism is not the issue.  Sexism is.  

  • comment on a post Lessons for a Facebook Generation. over 5 years ago
    Maybe this article will better explain how some of us feel and why.  It hits on the sexism we have witnessed for the last year, as well as this latest incident.  I thought it was well written and expressed a lot of what women my age perceived when it came to blog and media reaction to Hillary Clinton.
    http://bucknakedpolitics.typepad.com/i_d ont_like_you_either/2008/12/hillary-clin ton.html
  • I know a guy who never thought that as a 25 year old, flirting with an 18 year old female would lose his job for him either.  

    But he was a teacher.  She was a student.

    Hello, if this guy is not bright enough to understand by the age of 27 that some jobs, the public ones, require more discretion than others, why the hell is he on the Obama team?

    And please this is the same kind of crap progressives abhorred from the frat boy mentality of the W administration.  Sheesh, I cannot believe how progressives are so adamant about making obnoxious disrespect and sexism OK because it comes from a progressive.

  • "mistake" here?

    Is it that he lost his inhibitions in some beer and allowed his own ageist misogyny to think for him? Or that he let people take pictures while he was acting like a middle schooler?  Or that his choice of friends includes idiots who think posting this on the net is cool?

    If he was a 14 year old with no life experiences, I would forgive on all accounts.  But he is 26 year with more experiences than most......let's face it, he's in the inner circle of the president elect of the USA.  If this last year of campaigning did not teach this guy a thing, then what the hell will?

  • your moral shortcomings is necessary.

    I am guessing there have been racists and sexists in every administration and probably still are.  However, to put those traits on public display is unacceptable.....especially in certain jobs.

    A person from upper management in some private corporation may belong to a country club that excludes women and minorities.  For the most part no one will know or perhaps even care.

    However I guarantee you that in some jobs it matters more than others.  A male or female in education would lose their jobs and license for things others may get away with.....
    surely you get why.

  • Your cluelessness about understanding what is being said, speaks volumes

  • of "get over it....it's JUST a drunken male thing" comments in the other thread.  In my view, that's excusing it.

    Drunking driving is also simple beer induced stupidity.  

    Knowing what it is and excusing it in the same sentence is bothersome.  It's the kind of middle school behavior I expected of W and friends....that macho, aren't we cool and funny and don't we just swagger in how we can mock and insult others.

    I am a middle school teacher.  When I see a member of the Obama administration acting the way I know the kids I teach act, I am bothered...a lot.
    27 years old is way past middle school.  
    If this guy did not have the judgment to know his behavior was disrespectful as well as sexist, sheesh...why the hell is he given so much trust by Obama?  THAT bothers me.

  • it was posted on the internet or not.
    It was a frat boy mentality of crude sexism.
    It is what obnoxious males do when they feel threatened by females....mock them.

    This has nothing to do with technology.  Keeping this jerk on his staff would not be a smart move by Obama.


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