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    no more of the compassionate conservatism, we cant take anymore.
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    yeah, I can see the DNC, DCCC, etc putting it in fundraising letters.
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    Do you have a link?? Even still, I might steal it and post it there. :).
  • People are suffering from this in Mississippi and Alabama as well. It isnt a local issue when it is affecting people in three states.
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    I hate to say anything is safe, but yeah, this race looks good, since you've got a fairly popular incumbent with strong fundraising, and a divise challenger with significantly less money.
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    they've done a good job overall recruiting. Casey looks strong in the Senate race. Lois Murphy is back to take on Gerlach. Chris Carney and possibly Greg Srekpank are going against morally challenged Bob Sherwood in the 10th. Iraq war vet Patrick Murphy looks very strong in the 8th against Fitzpatrick. Paul Scoles picked up 42%  after running for only like 90 days against Curt Weldon in the 7th, and he's running again. And Kovach going up against Murphy looks ok. But yeah, Hafer flaking out sucks.
  • he openly he said he wasnt voting for Bush. That really pissed off the GOP. Rove, Mehlman, and Dole do suport him, but probably wont go out of the way in terms of help. They've got to worry about Santorum, Burns, Mark kennedy, the open TN seat, and maybe even Jon Kyl and Jim Talent.  
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    yeah, I didnt get that either. Plus, if PAs trend of a different party gov every 8 years, he could run conceivably run late next decade(He would only be in his upper 50s I think).
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    According to politics1.com, no one else has stepped forward from those parties. And those votes would just take away from Hilary anyway, helping the GOP candidate. I dont think we can challenge incumbent senators, especially not this cycle.
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    and the Conservative Party rally around one person, Hilary will still probably win
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    No, he just said he was leaning against it. This was before Brown's decision.
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    Apparently, Daniels doesnt like Stephen Minarik, the NY GOP Chair. I would go with Golisano if I was the GOP. He's got lots of his own $$$. But apparently, his only two campaign contribution last year were to Dick Gephardt and John Kerry. So, yeah, he might not get the Conservative Party nod. Mary Donohue?? She isnt better than anyone else, in fact maybe worse, since her name recognition is extremely low.
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    I hope she is running. I have to take issue with their "mediocre" characterization. We've got two strong contenders in RI, and Bob Casey in PA. Ford in TN, while I dont like him a lot, is probably the best challenger we can get. Add Pederson, who will give Kyl his first formidabel challenge, maybe ever. If we get McCaskill in, and hopefully Ryan in OH, then, that's pretty good. That's 6 strong contenders in open/GOP incumbent races.
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    Whatever you think of him, this was smart. A nice line of attack and he has quotes to back him. Good to see he is active and not just stiitng back, even though he has a 10 point lead in the polls. As they say, "fight like you are ten points down."
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    as the first poster pointed out, Rod Blagojevich in Illinois has had some problems and he is Dem. But aside from him,(and you can argue about that), pretty much every other Dem governor is clean and most have done a great job. I mean, off the top of my head, Bredesen(TN), Warner(VA), Sebelius(KS), Blanco(LA), Napolitano(AZ), Freudenthal(WY) all have done a good job despite being in conservative states. On the other hand, the four you mentioned have GOP governor in trouble. Apparently Mitt Romney in MA is in trouble for something there(bypassing some commitee on an appointment). And incumbents in AL, NY, MD, GA are all pretty weak.


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