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    She has been "swift boated" for 13 years. I dont want her as the nominee, but if she does make it, they wont be able to swift boat her like they did Kerry or McCain.
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    it's option D, all of the above. :).
  • IIRC. Some polls had Bush tied or even leading NJ. Kerry ended up winning by a comfortable 7%, less than Gore, but still more than the polls showed. Not saying these polls are wrong, I think Forrester is closing the gap, but just that the polling was weird last year.  
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    I love Edwards, and I think he would make a good cabinet secretary, but his resume is just to thin. One un-distinguished term in the Senate. Warner has only one term as governor, but it is chock full of accomplishments. He took a state on the brink and turned it around. He's not as charismatic as Edwards, but he does seem to have an ability to connect to rural voters and I think he would be acceptable to the liberal base. Need to hear more about his stances on the issue, especially foreign policy(always a weakness for a governor), but I am leaning towards him. I would love a Mark(Warner)/(Wes)Clark ticket in 2008.  
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    Sorry if this was mentioned, but the reason Gore wont win, which kind of has to do with media: Jay Leno and Dave Letterman. Heard one of his jokes this week, went something like this: "Al Gore gave a fiery speech saying that our demoracy is in dangerous. Tipper said to him 'Al just pay the pizza man, and let's eat." Dave Letterman: "I dont want to say that Gore is a weak speaker, but as he was talking squirrels started climbing on him." Al Gore is a boring speaker. That's what people think, that's what is put out there to this day. DOesnt matter that it is wrong, it's what people think unfortunately.
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    races look good. DCCC or whoever seem to have a done job recruiting, with Lois Murphy, Patrick Murphy/Paul Lang, Chris Carney, Paul Scoles/Bryan Lentz, Tom Kovach, Steven Porter, Lois Herr, and Jason Altmire/Georgia Bernier.  A lawyer, a teacher, a doctor, a college professor, a naval reserve officer, a cost guard vet and two Iraq war vets. Not bad. :) And then of course, there is the Senate race...
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    actiivst are not very big on Giuliani?? And if they are, why??
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    He has been lining up big donors and he will get an avalanche of cash from the netroots. I dont mind a primary, and I like Brown, but for crying out loud, make a fuckin' decision. Brown plays the role of Hamlet each time around for Senate. My guess this is the same thing, and he wont run.
  • Should the southern state be a bit more moderate one?? Maybe AR, MO, or VA(where Kerry got at least 45 in each state). Or one like SC or MS, where Dems can make in-roads?
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    And I wouldnt call Katherine Harris a recruitment success of Dole/Rove, since they were begging her to NOT run. I honestly dont see the appeal of Michael Steele. Yes, he is black, and Republican, but he is basically a Bush rubber stamper and I dont see how that flies in Mary and especially next year. I think MN will be a tough race, but I never understod what was so great about Kennedy. The GOP acts like he is their Barack Obama or something, but I dont see it. And we've got two great women running there, Klobuchar and Wetterling.  And I think we can take Capito's house seat with her in office too. Her vote % went down last year compared to 02.
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    has Mark Warner in it. That will certainly help.
  • I think that's what he is doing now: lining up big donors.
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    realize they are running in New York  and not Alabama. Sure, there are many conservatives areas of New York, but as you say,a majority Clinton's consituents are pro-choice. You arent going to score points by pointing out she is voting against a judge whose stance on women's reproductive rights is unknown.
  • yup, that backfired big time, because of us, Harry Reid, Howard Dean, Krugman, Franken, etc. Apparently, The NRCC chairman Tom Reynolds told Hastert to drop the idea of private accounts cuz it's hurting GOPers in their home districts. Hastert seemed to brush off the idea, saying Reynolds was only voicing his opinion. Yeah, right.
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    It's still early and the GOP has closed well. I'm not sure how well the fear factor will work next year. I'm willing to bet that it wont work as well as it did the last two cycles, as long a Dems put a real plan. I think Harry Reid's reform agenda was put up here. Take some of those bills and call it the reform agenda, and that will be good(education, healthcare, energy independence, real homeland security, etc). If Dems lead in the congressional ballot, stays this large, or even if stays over 10, 2006 will be a good year, especially considering we have good candidates(I believe) running at every level: gov, senate, and house of reps.


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