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    He squeaked by Baron Hill something like 49-49, in a deep red state in a pro-GOP year. Hill, I believe, is running again and with even a  light Dem breeze could beat Sodrel. If he is going to include first-termer Bean, he should put Sodrel in the top ten too I think. And while I think Beauprez seat will be competitive, he shouldnt be number #1. Either Gerlach or Shays(as you mentioned) should be number #1.
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    As the article notes, Allen and Brownback, and maybe even governors like Hcukabee and Barbour are more appealing to the base. If the entire field was filled with social liberals like Pataki and Giulaini and McCain, then he might have a shot. Also, correcy me if I wrong, but I think he has a cosponsored some legislation with Ted Kennedy to implement guest worker, the plan that the right wing hates. So Ted Kennedy and John McCain agree on immgration. The GOP primary ad just writes itself.
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    From his top ten list called, "top ten things I am thankful for"

    "I am thankful I live in a country where anyone can grow up to be president, but shouldnt."

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    yes, I was goign to mention that.Glad tosee his props go down in defeat and his ego deflated, even just a little bit.
  • sig line, which is a quote from Spitzer:

    "You think you can intimidate me? Screw you. Choose your Weapon."

    BTW, anyone know how is Spitzer's fundraising going?? All the talk out of NY is about the record pace that Hillary is on, but Spitzer's been up and runnign it seems since like January. Schumer was enticed out of challenging Spitzer himself, I wonder if he can be enticed into not backing Suozzi. I hope Hillary and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver(who I heard is veyr powerful, and a Spitzer supporter) do something about this. As far as Chuck Schumer for president, um, no.  

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    bascially saying, primaries, Democratic primaries, especially are crazy. At this time in 1989, Bill Clinton was an unknown and Mario Cuomo was a lock for the nomination. In 2001, it was probably Gore or Lieberman. No one knew Dean or Kerry. While I think these polls are meaninless in terms of absolute  values, I do find Warner's 4% intriguing.
  • An wedge issue that didnt work(for Kilgore) was the death penalty, down there in Virginia.
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    that Kilgore's internal have a dead heat.
  • but he was the first Senate candidate to start talking troop withdrawal in an ad. In fact, he was the first senate candidate to put out an ad period.  
  • Although I agree with the poster above who emntions Chafee. I'm sick of him, and hope Whitehouse wins so we can get a real Democrat next to Jack Reed.
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    hehe. It will be interesting to see how a Libby trial plays out, considering his huge role in the selling of the war. It will drag Cheney and others into it, even if they arent indicted. And the closer to election day Rove is indicted, the better.  
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    as Ann Coulter said, the fact that Rove is under investigation still is worse than him being indicted cuz then they could just try and move on. Libby is pretty big I think, maybe not as big as Rove or Cheney but I woudlnt call him small potatoes.
  • Corzine seems to be doing okay with the beard, but I dont really like it.
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    Dems probably have the votes to end the nomination. May have been mentioned, but I dont see how you against Roberts, but for Miers.
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    he most likeliest I think is George Allen. The base already likes him, as opposed to McCain or Giuliani, and he can soldify their support with going against Bush on his immigration plan. Unlike Santorum, he will be around in 2008.


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