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    I hope this is true. link

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    True. Although it does seem Lieberman did well in the two major cities of CT, New Haven and Hartford, which is where Kerry did best as well.  Of course, one is a Dem primary map, the other a general, so I dont knw how much you can draw from them.

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    who is the woman on the front page right now?? the top left corner that is?? She looks very familiar.

  • a strong candidate as long as people like you continue to think that way. That's why he will win, because liberals/Democrats just seem to be willing to say, "well he is strong candidate" and not pointing out evidence that would make him weaker(his flip flopping on Falwell, taxes, and gay marriage to name a couple).

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    Nelson won by the 5% in 2000, while at the same time the presidential race was, um, much closer let's say. :). As others have said, I think the worry is turnout for other races. Harris on the ballot means a big Dem turnout, which helps Dems in statewide office and competitive congressional races. Dems might still get good turnout minus Harris(with the current political atmosphere), but dont know it will be enough in this 50-50 for gains.

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    I have with some of the so-called netroots, grassroots candidates or whatever you want to call them. They are more interested in "sticking it to the establishment" than actually winning elections. I can understand Hackett's feelings toward the establishment in OH. But this situation is different. Cegelis and Duckworth both ran. CEGELIS LOST. Get over it Christine, and endorse Tammy. If she doesnt, there aint much difference between her and Joementum.

  • Last week, two of the panelists, including Donna Brazile who tends to waver on many issues, noted that McCain's "vote for Bush" stunt was lame, and came across as fake. Howard Fineman, who was at the SRLC, was on AL Franken and said he sensed a lot of excitement among them about Allen and Romney, but nothing for McCain. Also, dont assume that everyone who voted for Bush were McCain delegates instructed to do so. That's kind of the trick McCain is tring to pull.

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    And maybe the others, but I dont know. Kerry did  win Bergen County by 5%. But, also it gave Bush his most votes of an NJ county. So a strong GOP presence, which is probably why it has its power.

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    Yeah, I dont think Edwards is going to win if he runs. He will make a great cabinet secretary/ambassador in a Dem administration, but not president I dont think.

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    how is New York a "tough contest??" Not saying we should just sit back, cuz anything can happen, but I mean isnt Spitzer crushing his already weak opposition there??

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    That will be a huge issue in 08, in the general probably, and definitely in the GOP primary. The base doesnt like Bush's policy, and McCain favors that. Especially with Tancredo there to stir the pot, expect Allen or someone to adopt a different position and win.

  • I agree. I think Steele's "aura of mdoeration" or whatever came from the fact that he really didnt say anything controversial about anything. I think the same can be said about lots of GOP candidates this cycle(like Lynn Swann). Hopefully, their Dem opponents will force out their positions on these issues.

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    Thought his response was effective. Saw an MSNBC article where it came off really well. Liked how the Dems clapped at Bush's failed Social Security Plan.

  • I agree with what others say about Jodi Rell. Why Jim Douglas, Howard Dean's sucessor is so popular, is beyond me.
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    Should add that as long as Menendez ties Kean to BUsh and the national GOP and talks about his record in the House and Senate(he will be the incumbent, for a short time, but incumbent nonetheless).


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