• according to a diary at Kos, a poll shows Hecht is actually leading Reed in the race. Early, but encouraging.  I think Oxendine is the front runner right now. Plus, supposedly a lot of Republicans hate Ralph Reed for some reason, maybe cuz he didnt pay his dues, he wasnt there for the hard years, I dont know, I've heard something like that. I think we got a great shot at taking back the Governor's mansion with either Cox or Taylor.


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    revealed or admitted, that PSAs dont even fix the solvency problem?? So I think some began to realize, "Why the fuck do we need them?" You could get an IRA if you wanted. Also, Politicalwire.com notes that NH Dems were ready for his visit to the state, presumably tot push PSAs, and he got a cool receptions, with many empty chairs. Guess you wouldnt have to sign a loyalty pledge now.
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    like that could happen in CT, although not likely. If Liberman is defeated in a primary(unlikely) and Dodd runs for Gov, in Jan 2007, there could two next senators from CT.
  • what about governor? Can we defeated Carcieri? Brown might want to go that way, and it might help Langevin down ticket.
  • and I certainly dont listen to slimey Dick Morris, but I think Hilary could probably beat anyone other than McCain and Giuliani.
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    yeah I've heard this too. Kerry got 46% in MO, I believe, and he completely wrote it off. MO is more moderate I think, but not staunchly conservative.
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    Yup. This is what Tom Carper did too. He said he wants PSA which dont add to the debt, or cuts benefits. Well, hell, I'm for a plan like that too. :). So next year,  Carper can say, " i wanted to work with the prez on SS reform, but his plan will cut benefits....."  
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    VP pick. He has 18 years in the Senate, but has been away from Washington for sometime. I think he endorsed Dean for prez. So maybe VP, but not at the top.
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    I agree with Johnny. I think Harry Reid is doing a good job, but I think if we get the majority back or sometime in the future when we have a majority, Durbin should be the majority leader. I really like him though. If he wins the primaries, he gets my vote 100%. Actually, he might not make a bad  VP candidate, especially if someone more moderate is at the top...
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    AP had him at 45%, with  54% disapproving. Faux News had Bush at 51% last week; Newsweek at 50%. All those are from pollingreport.com Even Rasmussen's daily approval had him around 50.  So 50-51 seems to be a ceiling not a floor. Isnt it interesting that CNN(at least there website) hasnt reported the Gallup numbers, but made a front page story of his 57%?  


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