• although I dont know much about Henry.
  • never mind, I mis-read your post.
  • Warner at least comes off as a plain talker, unlike Kerry. Plain-talking goes far IMO.
  • He is pro-choice.
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    I agree. If he is running for prez, he might as well start in Feb '06. Maybe not officially but start getting speaking engagements in IA and NH. Travel the country and then declare.
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    I think governors have a record they can point to, but then again Feingold could point to some good stuff too. Hate to go into the "9/11 changed everything", but I think now people might be more responsive to a senator b/c of homeland security/Foreign policy experience.
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    I'm not trying to push Warner for prez, but he has boatloads of accomplishments as governor from what I hear. That's why he is so popular. The state was in a fiscal mess, he pulled them out of it, and improved education. "Grade the states 2005" gave Virignia an 'A' in each category, the only state to get the honor. He has accomplishments(no southern accent though). Senate might give him more experience, but not much in terms of individual accomplishment.
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    but I think Warner would be a great candidate for president. Although the worry is, is he rising to quickly? Of course, Jimmy Carter was one term governor.  My take is he will be on the ticket one day, dont know about VP or Prez, or when, but I think he has national ambitions. I question  the poll, Warner is pretty popular, but I want to see more polls. Another issue: John Warner will be 81, I believe, in 08. If he retires, the CW is that it is Mark's for the taking in 08.  
  • dead on. Take off your rational, common sense when you want to think like those people.
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    what is your problem? I voted Kerry. I got no problem with hilary.
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    for not responding, but I'm not sure what AARP can do? The swifties were liars, but they were attacking Kerry's record. He could have said,  "Look, my military record is public....." But this! What the fuck is this??? I cant see AARP saying, "um, we dont hate the troops and dont support gay marriage." I mean, this is such a stupid ad, I dont know how you respond to it. They dont even give evidence of those charges.
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    if you havent already.
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    I dont like the language. You have an excellent point in that Hilary wont be death(if she runs) and that Republicans hate her, because she can win. But the insults wont win anyone over.  
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    Chris Bowers, I think, noted something similr. He had a diry up on Kos(and I'm guessing up on the frontpage here) about how the Hilary bashing is unwarranted and that her negatives are actually not that bad. I'm not a big fan of hers, but I wont bash her. She has taken more right wing crap than anyone, and has survived. In a general she gets my vote. I think she could win against any Republican except McCain. Also, if McCain and Giuliani were put up against her, I would expect many conservatives to stay home or voted for the Constitution or Libertarian candidate. That doesnt show up on polls though.
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    that's what brigns down politicians and parties. So let Rove and co. think that everyone in this country is a crazy right winger. Meanwhile, we know differently and will continue to mobilize, contribute and vote.


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