Survey USA has new polls on All Senators

Their monthly poll of Bush approvals came out a few days ago, and now they have approvals on all US Senators. More after the break...
Some quick facts:

Highest approval: Olympia Snowe at 77/18(guess she isnt going anywhere next year)

Lowest approval: Rick Santorum42/26(Our favorite Senator!! Looks like he will have more time to write another book).

7 of the lowest 10 are Republicans, including three senators up for re-election in 2006(Burns, Santorum, Dewine).

7 of the highest 10 are Democrats. The three Republicans are the more moderate ones: Collins, McCain, and Snowe.

Some questions: What's up with the senators from NJ?? They seems good, why so low??

Also, why is Kerry so low??

Key Senators up for re-election next year:

Cantwell: 47/37
Talent: 48/39
Burns: 48/42
Santorum: 42/46
Bill Nelson: 48/31
Ben Nelson: 63/27
Chafee: 55/37
Kyl: 49/33
Dewine: 42/43
Conrad: 69/25

Wow, Conrad and Ben Nelson are skilled to have such high approvals in red states. And Conrad isnt even that conservative. Anyway, the Nelsons look ok. Stabenow and Cantwell worry me a bit, but looks like neither will face a top-tier candidate. Chafee, WTF?? Whitehouse and Brown both seem strong and he is polling in the low 40s against Whitehouse. Dewine, well, we know he is vulnerable, but who will run?? Kyl and Talent could be vulnerable with the right candidates. Jim Pederson appears to be running in AZ. McCaskill, hopefully, she will.


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Hard to defeat a sitting senator.
It's difficult to defeat any sitting Senator. Tom Daschle was the only Senator to lose his seat in 2004.

This race will be won and lost on the open seats.

by wayward 2005-08-19 02:46AM | 0 recs


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