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    Now that Melissa Bean has won IL-8 I would do everything possible to protect her first. I would probably extend her seat into Chicago somewhat to give her some ballast.

    I would throw Henry Hyde and Judy Biggert into one heavily Republican seat totally within DuPage County. I would concede that seat to the Republicans. Biggert's seat I would save. In fact I would make it much more Republican that it already is.

    As for Mark Kirk I would make IL-10 be the state's equivalent of FL-22. I would basically extend it all the way into downtown Chicago and make one thin coastal district that followed lake Michigan to the Wisconsin border.

    What I would then do is give the remaining territory to Jan Schakowsky and make it like a ying yang. Or somehow give some minority precincts from IL-7 or IL-4 to her.

    The other incumbent I would eliminate is Jeremey Weller. What I would do is extend his seat into the most black part of Chicago. I would give him precincts from IL-1 and IL-2 and extend those seats into Will County. I would keep IL-1 and IL-2 heavily minority, but I would probably split the most conservative 25% of Weller's district with them both.

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    I don't want her to run for president. She would probably fare just as well as Kerry did. She would win probably all the Gore and Kerry states, but lose everywhere else. Basically that would be the outcome of her run for president.

    Hillary would do well in the blue part of the map. She'd carry all of the blue states. However, in the red part of the map, she'd fail misreably.

    The problem with her candidacy is that there is a good 40-45% of the public who WILL not vote for her under any circumstance. She is very polarizing. And thus she would have a very high, if not insurmountable, barrier to overcome if she wanted to win.

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    I will say that every now and then a long shot does win a race. That being said the reason why no one contests those seats it that there is a 90% chance that a campaign there would end up in a defeat. And who wants to go throw the hell of running a race that is all but certain to end up as a defeat?
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    how are you going to convince people to make runs, work long hours, raise tons of money, for a race they know is almost certainly going to end up in bitter and landslide defeat? The reason why these seats were not contested is because no one wanted to put in the effort into what bluntly would be a sure failure.


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