NM01---The Heather Wilson Story: Tales of the Push Poll

So I was watching my new favorite show (BAttlestar Galactica) when the phone rang and I noticed it was the same number on caller ID that I ignored a couple of times last night because I was too busy watching Dancing With the Stars (I know, it's ABC, I'm horrible).

This time I decided to answer it...

  It was a truly nice young girl whom I believe (and really hope) is just doing this to pay rent (or get beer money). She said she was from the Tarrance Group and was conducting a survey of registered voters in New Mexico.
   Being the well-informed leftofascisto I am, I really love participating in surveys. Who know's if I'll make it into the elite minimum of left-leaners whose opinions actually go into calculating the average, I just like spouting off.
   The questions were all the standard polling fare. Right track/Wrong track...who you voting for...what's your favorite issue...Did you know that if Patricia Madrid were elected to Congress, that would have the potential of giving Democrats the majority which would mean they would raise taxes, making it harder for you to live and then invite Osama bin Laden to the NEw MExico State Fair as a featured performer where he and the Iranian President will watch over the sacrifice of babies and puppies... (Okay, so I embelished a bit)

[John Stewart]WHAAAA???!!![/Stewart]

  So I gave this truly nice girl an impromptu explication on push-polling and that she was basically working for the Devil. She of course couldn't say much anything except "Yes, those are the questions I have to ask because they're on the sheet."

 "But no," I implored, "I know you're just doing a job. I mean, we've had this great connection here, don't leave me. Do you understand what you are doing."

 After again repeating the it's-my-job excuse, I bid my farewell. I told her that I couldn't possibly support this exercise. Of course I am kicking myself now, wishing I could have held on for that last question about the Democrats wanting to give complete Amnesty to all illegal aliens so that they can come take your jobs and steal your women.

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