More Spin about Voters' Motives last Week?

More discussion of the voters' polling data from the election last week. Big article over at the New Republic. It supports my earlier analysis that people voted a bit out of confusion and anger (perhaps lack of knowledge) about the economy and what Obama's government has done to help improve it. However, a majority of voters said their financial situation was the same OR better than two years ago. A majority of the MINORITY (41%) who said their situation was worse voted Republican. The authors of the article spin it the other way. What to say about those 60% who feel better or at least don't feel worse off? That statistic causes problems for the quick inference that voters voted against Obama.



60% disapprove of Obama's job performance


60% say same or better off financially than two years ago


80% say very concerned about the economy


25% blame Obama for economy


Blame Obama and Democrats and vote Republican??


(Oh, and 20% think he's muslim, and and another 30% who just aren't sure. Figure that in)


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