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    NO I don't have a problem with Markos-


    Jerome likes to pretend he's impartial (though he's gotten better recently).

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    I don't understand the Clinton campaign.

    1) They should have known about these rules LONG AGO.  

    2) If they had a problem with them, say, in August of 2007, it still may have been too late to change the process (with a Republican Gov and Legislature) and perhaps too late for a court challenge, but that would have been the time to do it, if not earlier.

    3) The rules are unfair, but everyone is playing by the same rules.  You essentially have two states voting in Texas:  The Texas Primary and the Texas Caucus.  This would be MUCH better messaging from the Clinton campaign-- then they could tout winning the Texas "primary" regardless of the delegate count.  Instead they are nitpicking the rules.  

    You know what those superdelegates are thinking?
    "Why the hell didn't you know about these rules a long time ago?!"

  • We may all not like the system (Caucus, etc) but THOSE ARE THE RULES and both campaigns were aware of  them.  Hillary chose, arrogantly, to ignore the caucus states.

  • Them's the Texas rules- live with 'em.

    You don't think that a national campaign is gonna have to deal with ballot and voter disenfranchisement issues (FL and OH anyone)???

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    The operative term is "Clinton operatives discovered"--

    It's a pretty late date to be figuring this out just now.  There ARE Dems in Texas who are Clinton backers- and their campaign should have been in tune with the Texas rules MONTHS ago (as Obama's campaign was).

    If this the team you REALLY want running the general election campaign for Dems?

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    Wow.  Never seen so many Dems so readily adopt a Republican talking point.

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    This expectations B.S. needs to stop.

    Right now Obama needs to win 2/4 of
    Wisconsin, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania

    If he wins 2/4 its tough` for Clinton.

    3/4 He's the nominee.

    And note:  he could lose Tex pop vote but win delegates- if he wins a majority delegate in Wisc and Tex and nearly ties Ohio- Pennsylvania (given its not gonna be a blowout) is nearly moot.

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    As goes Hawaii so goes the nation?

    What's funny is... why the 12+ small states won by Obama "don't count" and if Hillary loses by 3 in Hawaii its an upset???

    I don't buy it- and think Obama is likely to win both.

    It is down to Texas and Ohio- and it is likely HIllary will have to win BOTH to make this thing viable- winning 1 and then even winning PA (likely with Rendell's help) won't be enough.

    If Obama has a pledged delegate lead great enough he can say "go ahead and seat MI and FL- see if I care" and still be ahead he's got the nomination.

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    I am SHOCKED you voted for Clinton.  Never saw that coming.  Noooosirreee bob...

  • So let me get this straight...

    Hillary loses 7 o 8 contests in a row and the trends favor her.  Uh-huh.

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    yeah. Losing.  That's why they fired the campaign director-- oops! That was Clinton! Never mind.


    This is not a battle for the hearts and minds of Kerry state Democrats- we are after Independents- and Obama is doing ridiculously well with them.

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    Pawlenty is the only one of those who makes any sense whatsoever-- probably puts MN in play.  

    Bonus pick:  Chuck Hagel.  How do you get over people in your base hating your candidacy- pull a Clinton/Gore and make it about winning independents.

    Also McCain and Hagel are buddies.

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    Except its not about expectations anymore-

    Its about delegates, pure and simple.

    If Hillary can come away with even a tie or 1 more delegate than Obama, she wins the nomination.

    If Obama has greater than the margin of seated MI/FL Hillary delegates (remember he got some in FL and there are uncommitteds in MI that should go to him) he wins.

    If its somewhere in the middle- I'm quite comfortable with the idea that Howard Dean will be the kingmaker.

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    Rose law firm.
    Vince Foster.

    'nuff said.


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