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    oh, yeah, THAT'S news!!!

    my dog likes Kucinich!

    Seriously, I think only Denish really cares about who Denish "endorses."

    The ego on some people.

  • OMG, i totally agree with that.  Richardson, I think contrary to conventional wisdom dragged the whole party and the process down with his participation.  He RUINED what essentially could have been several good debates.

    The man got less than five percent at his peak (NH), yet ate up tons and tons of time in the debates.  I hated hearing his answers to ANYTHING.

    I do not want to hear Richardson muse or give his opinion on anything at all.  It was very annoying.

  • "Msnbc has a first amendment right to produce whatever program they want with whatever people on it."

    Um, no.  That's not how the first am. works vis-a-vis this particular legal question.

  • from the looks of how pretty his wife is, perhaps it's more than a "punch" he's packin'.

  • um, please elaborate.  Does Dennis openly favor Obama for the nom?

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    You and I are on the same page here.  I often look to your opinion as an opinion here that I respect and your positions are always principled.

    I find Obama, shall I say, at the very least, troubling.  My big fear is that he will sell progressives down the river for political expediency once elected.

    But I fin myself at the age of 33 wanting to roll the dice and see if perhaps he turns out to be to the Left of Clinton.  With Clinton, I see mark Penn and Terry MCauliffe and just don't want to see that.  I'm with JE on the issues but he just didn't connect enough.  And I'd hate to see his supporters write off Obama who MAY be just what we need.

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    That's a false choice.  What you are saying is that to be truly objective, you cannot make a prediction or even have any expectations?

    Hmmm, so I guess Kucinich may very well win, then?  Because with that logic, we never know until the day of voting.

    Everyone is parrotting what you are saying vis-a-vis NH.  But that NH primary was very very unique and rather strange.  To make that the standard is discounting 99% of other NH primary results that were polled/predicted almost exactly the nigiht before.

    Remeber, she cried the day before.  You can never truly predict scandals, meltdowns, etc.  You just try to analyze the bets you can.

    I'm sorry, but anyone who thinks JE even has a shot at the nomination at this point has a hard time being taken seriously (not referring to you personally, just in general) and I think you yourself know it ain't happening.

  • yeah, he's forcing that smarmy prick Bill Clinton into attacking him.  Oh, and he's also putting words into the mouth of that greedy corporate closeted Republican Bob Johnson?

    Repeat after me:  YOU ARE A HILLBOT.

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    don't think i am unduly upset at some poll.  i just found it funny.  i sort of heard a collective online "celebration" from the Edwards partisans to justify their sticking with him.

    IMO, the Edwards people sticking with Edwards are, in the long run, going to possibly (and ironically) ensure a Hillary nomination.

    But, that's an opinion.  But I won't hesistate to state that I'd love to see the JE folks get behind Obama as a means to thwart a Clinton II.

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    I am actually the opposite of what you are referring to.  I base very liitle on feelings.  I look at the writing on the wall.

    One poll has JE at 27%.  He's just not attaracting fore for whatever reason.  And if he was, that'd be great, but he's not.

    Also, my distaste fro Hillary reflects Bill's true record as president.  I am judging her on numbers and what has occurred.  Not by some silly 2008 rhetoric.

    Same for the other candidates.

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    haha, that's funny.  I guess I had that coming!  

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    Obama = the generic numbers

    Hillary = real numbers

    Nominating Hillary ensures a squeaker.  Whereas, Obama may - may - make for a landslide.

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    You truly think Edwards CAN be at 27 pts?  Please.

    I just wish people would stop clouding their judgment with this obsessive (and, in some cases, unhealthy) delusion that Edwards is doing anything close to doing well enough in this race to win or even come close.

    CNN or Rasumussen has him at 11 nationwide.

    No way he's tripling that in NV.  I'd bet my house on it.

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    I have oceanfront property in Las Vegas if Edwards is really ar 27.  C'mon.

    This diehardnest for Edwards from some people is, just, er, uh, WEIRD.

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    I'd jump from the top of the Luxor if Edwards is within even ten points of second.

    That poll is clearly bad.  Edwards is nowhere NEAR the top.


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