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    I will give money to his opponent, even his repug opponent.  Just to teach these Hollywood-types to shut the fuck up and quit thinking they are entitled to run for office.

    It would be better for our party in the long run to have even a repug in office than having that fool Affleck be front-and-center for us.

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    just as soon as he announces.  I am waiting, Paul.  When he does, I hope Actblue gets it up ASAP so the netroots get the credit.
  • Maybe to you, but I for one am as left as you can get, but am also very pro-gun.  I am originally from Arizona.  We will not be a majority party nationally with a Speaker Pelosi until we shed the influence of extremist groups like HCI.

    Dean was the perfect candidate for the West.  He, but not Kerry, could have carried NV, AZ, NM, and CO.

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    You're right.  The Deaniacs in general (which I was one of) DID NOT cost Howard the election.  However, it was the certain young college-type Deaniacs who swarmed into Iowa and who were very loud and very pushy.  And who did not dress appropriately for the Iowa area.  Many elderly Iowa Democratic voters thought that a lot of Dean supporters were "weirdos" from their point of view.  That is not my opinion, but the opinion of many Iowa voters.

    That was my point.

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    Dean's campaign imploded because of the swath of out-of-state college leftwingers roaming around the button-down Iowa.  Rightly or wrongly, the old-style labor-type Democrats from IA were actually going to vote for Dean but were turned off by the bulbousness of the Dean volunteers.

    An eighty year old lifelong Democrat doesn't need to be told who to vote for by some sanctimonious tongue-ringed vegan college kid.  Because of this, they deserted Dean for Kerry and Edwards in droves.  Dean was an idiot.  And I say this as an ardent Dean supporter.  I still love him.

    Rest assured, Hillary WILL NOT make this mistake.

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    states to get caught up in a potential Democratic tidal wave in 2006.  If we have decent candidates, we'd keep the Senate seat and perhaps pick up a couple of house seats.
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    Montana is no Nebraska and he's an entrenched incumbent.  He really isn't under any pressure vis-a-vis his re-election prospects.  
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    I heard from a Republican classmate at law school who worked closely for Allen in his Senate race that George Allen is very dumb.  An intellectual lightweight.  But he supported him because he was a conservative and would "vote right".
  • Yup, and they don't realize that when they vote this way, they are really voting to make Bill Frist Majority Leader.
  • Exactly, racial quotas DO NOT exist.  Quotas are always ruled unconstitutional.  Even anything that has hard numbers involved is ruled uncon.

    Affirmative actions is not numbers based and thus is not the same as quotas.  But the GOP still exploits this issue relentlessly with the stupid conservative white voters of this country.

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    in those supposedly red libertarian states.  Those states are pro-choice and pro-gun...a very winning combination.
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    in 2006, then we will be well-positioned for a majority in both houses in 2008.

    Pederson will beat Kyl because the popular Janet Napolitano (at 70% approval) will be at the top of the ticket and she and Pederson will run as a team.  They are buddies and he will smartly adopt her stance in illegal immigration.  Kyl is a rightwinger in a moderate state and is not very well-known for an incumbent senator who has been in office for ten years.

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    laying the groundwork during the Roberts hearings for all out war when Bush names Priscilla Owen for O'Connor's seat.
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    people's lives are lost because of fucked-up policies by this administration it is our DUTY as the opposition party to take Bush to task about this.  So that it doesn't happen again.  We owe that much to the people who will be affected by this storm.

    I am glad that Democrats like Chris Bowers here and the folks at Kos are bringing this shit up.  It needs to be brought up.  And we need to hang these issues around Bush's neck!

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    on this issue and just got back from seeing the devastation caused by global warming first hand in Alaska.

    When you consider that global warming has caused the warming of Gulf waters which aids the strengthening of hurricanes like Katrina, the issue of global warming will FINALLY be a huge issue.  And Hillary is well-positioned on this.

    While I pray for the people of New Orleans, the one tiny silver-lining may be the highlighting of the urgent action needed on global warming.


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