Barack Obama , Ron Paul...the Military's men....

It seems that the presumption of Republican tilt among the military is just one of many strongholds that conservatives can no longer count on thanks to George Bush.  It seems the blinders may finally be starting to fall from their eyes when it comes to who really has their back.  According to the article below, Ron Paul, libertarian, comes in second among presidential candidates receiving campaign contributions from people who work for the four branches of the military and National Guard, and none other that Barack Hussein Obama is leading among these same soldiers. It seems that not only do they want to support candidates they believe will end this war, but, they want to give their hard-earned, limited resources to candidates who DID NOT play a role in putting them in the godawful situation they're in. This is going to be on hell of an election year for Democrats.  If we can just make sure the bleeping votes get counted! 3601542&page=1

Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Ron Paul have little in common politically, except their opposition to the Iraq war.

Both top a new list of presidential candidates receiving campaign contributions from people who work for the four branches of the military and National Guard, according to a study released Thursday by the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics.

Obama, an Illinois senator, brought in more donations from this group than any White House contender from either party. The Democrat announced Wednesday his plan to withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of 2008.

Paul, a Texas congressman and the only GOP presidential hopeful who supports an immediate troop withdrawal, comes in second.

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Obama's small donors

The Center for Responsive Politics writes up these reports based on the only information they have available: the candidate-submitted FEC reports.  The problem is that those FEC reports only include donors giving over $200.

Given that Obama raised substantially more among small donors ($9.7 million, for example, in the second quarter), it might be a fair guess that the Center for Responsive Politics, through no fault of their own of course, actually underestimates his military contributions.  I would guess his lead is probably even larger.

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Re: Obama's small donors

i agree, here.

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Re: Barack Obama , Ron Paul...the Military's men..

Here is another good writeup on the story.

CapitalEye: The Other Iraq Surge

Griggs, who voted for George H.W. Bush but not his son the current president, contributed to Obama's presidential campaign this year, she said. Among the military forces, she's not alone in her support for the Democratic senator from Illinois, who has spoken out against the war since its start. Obama, who has never served in the military, has brought in more contributions from uniformed service members--about $27,000--than any other presidential hopeful, Democrat or Republican. "I feel that he's the most progressive candidate and he stands for change," Griggs said. "I believe he is that breath of fresh air that we need to get this country back on course."

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Re: Barack Obama , Ron Paul...
This is wonderful. I am happy to the service men and women involved in the political process.This is big. Especially with the limited amount of money they make. Is it spilt between enlisted and officer? I wonder how many vets are donating money.
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Re: Barack Obama , Ron Paul...the Military's men..

This is huge.

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Re: Barack Obama ,

Nice one for Obama...Getting military servicemen and women support is big.

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Re: Barack Obama , Ron Paul...the Military's men..

The military, they are the ones who really know what is going on. They are the ones who can see right through Hillary and the rest of them.

I think they really do trust his judgment and know Obama will stand up with them.

I donated to Obama again, today, for them (the Military men and women).

Vote Obama!

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