• So, if you found out one of your employees was organizing a union, would you fire him?

  • Show me where the secret vote for unionizing is prohibited in EFCA.

  • Glad that the word, "Former" describes your relationship to the trade union movement now.

    I'm a trade unionist and organizer and I know that twenty percent of workers who get involved in union activities are illegally fired from their jobs with virtually no prospects of getting the job back. EFCA will protect these brave workers who, unlike you, still believe in fighting for democracy in the workplace.

    EFCA will allow unions to take on the retail sector--Walmart, Starbucks, Target, etc--with a fair chance of sucessful campaigns. Retail is the largest employer in this country, and yet, it is the least represented by unions.

    Right now, about ten percent of workers are represented by unions. The trade union movement gave more than 100 million dollars to democratic candidates in this past election cycle. Union halls were used by Democratic candidates and union members volunteered throughout this country to bring about "change we can believe in". Union workers vote in greater numbers than the general public and vote Democratic in greater numbers than the general public. If EFCA allows unions to increase their representation by just  five percent, to fifteen percent of the workforce, think of the additional resources, financial and human, that would be available for progressive candidates. You had better believe that the corporate world is going to oppose this with all their might.

    I do believe that with the appointment of Hilda Solis to the Labor Dept. shows Obama's committment to EFCA and to real representation for workers in that department.

    It's early yet, we need to keep up the pressure because the corporate world is already fighting EFCA. but I think we are going to win this one.

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    Matthews is a blow hard who is using the idea of a Senate run as leverage in his contract negotiations with MSNBC. He knows he would never win a Senatorial run in Pennsylvania. Let's get real, tweety couldn't win in the primary either.

    Allyson Schwartz would be the candidate of choice, if she's interested. Her position in Congress right now is very powerful, so who knows.

    Joe Hoeffel has just formed his, "Friends of Joe Hoeffel" committee, read into that what you will.

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    First of all, Chris Matthews is a blowhard who doesn't stand a chance winning a Senatorial campaign in Pennsylvania. His contract with MSNBC is up next year and this bull about him running for Senate is leverage for his contract negotiations with MSNBC.

    Allyson Schwartz has a fantastic base of support in her congressional district that would help to launch a Senatorial campaign. She's also got a few million in the bank since she was essentially un-opposed in this past election cycle. She is an essential part of the Democratic Machine in Pennsylvania and Matthews wouldn't stand a chance against her. Without the support of the machine in Pennsylvania, you don't win primary elections. Just ask Barack Obama.

    If Allyson does take the run for Senate, look for State Representative Josh Shapiro to run for her Congressional seat. This would be fantastic.

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    Hey, give her a break. After spending the evening at the Irish Pub, she'll claim it as another example of her foreign policy credentials.

    By the way, the food is great at the Irish Pub in Philadelphia.

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    If Obama wants to win Pennsylvania, he needs to pick Clinton.

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    It's not about the Republicans. It's about the Democrats. I've been canvassing outside of Philadelphia for two State Representatives and our Congressional candidate, and consistently, 25% of Democrats say they ain't voting for Obama because of the way he treated, "the Clintons".

    That's a big number. So what percent of that group won't vote at all? Whatever it is, Dems in close local races are going to suffer.

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    If it's not Clinton, Obama will not win Pennsylvania. So, the question is, can he win the presidency without Pennsylvania? If he picks anybody other than Clinton, his strategy has to include conceeding PA.

    Without Clinton on the ticket, close races on the down ticket will suffer. Winable contests for the Pennsylvania Legislature will be lost.

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    A vote for Hillary is a vote against MSNBC

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    A vote for Hillary is a vote against MSNBC.

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    A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote against MSNBC.

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    Edwards presence is severely missed. In the last two debates, how many times was the word, "union", mentioned.......NONE.

    I'm in Pennsylvania and I'll be writing in John Edwards on primary day.

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    A vote for Hillary is a vote against Chris Matthews

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