• People forget that the original purpose of the 401k savings account was to help workers close the gap between their salary at retirement and what their pension would be, usually only 50-75% of what they made while working.  If a worker invested some of his pre-tax income in such an account and managed it well, he might be able to retire at 100% of his salary.  The evil genius of the business community was to turn this well-intentioned savings plan into a bait and switch.  Within a few years, workers found themselves with only a 401k.  Their defined benefit retirement was removed in a poof of magic.  And there were no private sector unions there to protect these workers.  The magic is now ready to be used on union-busting private sectors republican governors and legislators.

  • The GOP has pioneered a tried and true strategy for replacing the majority; simply do everything you can to drive up their negatives, even at the expense of your own negatives.  So, if the Democrats by November have an approval rating of 35% and the Republican approval stands at 20%, guess who wins the election?  It is a cynical strategy, but it does work.  It also means you become the majority in a despised, feckless institution.


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