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    This race will get incredibly ugly, because Republicans actually believed they were going to win it. They should continue to spend all their money in Jersey because the state can really use the money (and NYC benefits as well). Republicans are not especially bright, so when one of them gets caught as Christie has that trait starts to radiate. Jersey knows it's too big and important to get stuck with someone like Christie as Governor. So Corzine doesn't give anyone the warm and fuzzies, but I have to say he's the one I want getting Jersey out of the mess that Bush got it (and the country) into. People will realize that they aren't made at acorzine, they are just and still suffering from Bush and nasty and wrong Republican policies.

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    This is a great contribution to the discussion. Thanks for offering it. This is the level of discussion that needs to take place throughout America - although I completely trust the Democrats' plans. Let's not forget how eager the Republicans were to pass that monstrous donation to the pharmaceutical industry called Medicare Part D.

  • Actually, my old friends, the Dentist in a bar story is similar to thousands of one on one interviews I have conducted in the last 3 years. Just about every health care professional - and ill paid receptionists and secretaries especially - seem to get bent out of shape and even vengeful when confronted with a patient (consumer) who can access something they can't. Remember when Castro tried to quarantine all people with HIV or AIDS in really nice but high security complexes where they had ample food, great doctors, medicines for whatever, people they could talk to and a range of entertainment options - all of which was not available to almost every other Cuban on the island? Well, they had to end that because so many people tried to get infected with HIV to get into these places. And, the providers started stealing the meat, medicines and other things that they believed people who were probably going to die anyway didn't "deserve" to have. This is an issue neither restricted to HIV, nor Cuba, as Puerto Rico and several states that have appropriated huge sums of money for treating sick people have demonstrated. The Governor of Georgia actually used money for medications for poor people for fishing museums - in a state with an extended multi-year drought.  

    A consumer who treat Dentists or nurses or care facilitators as if they are just servants offering a range of delectable options paid for with their tax dollars - or even with their own money - can be very badly manipulated, and even harmed. You hear docs and dentists talk a lot about just being left to be entrepreneurs - in other words left to make the decisions regarding who really "deserves" what, and ways they can cut costs to increase profit. And don't try to tell me for a second that people who are used to being in control of who can access what in their communities are going to sit back and welcome "you know who" into their places, their turf.

    Ironically, Sen. Ben Nelson recently declared that the proposed Obama health care plan was moving towards class warfare, a term Republicans often reserve for tax debates. Sen. Nelson knew exactly what he was saying. There is a current of judgment underlying this debate, and it's all about paying for people too lazy. stupid, stubborn or ignorant not to be obese, smoke cigarettes and get cancers, have children they can't afford to pay for, contract HIV, HPV that leads to cervical or anal cancer, spread STDs, have children and become burdens of the state at age 15, or bring their entire "non-American" families to the US for health care on the American taxpayor.

    I have heard hundreds of people, predominantly not white individuals, say all those things many, many times. I've also heard more than a hundred people say things like if the elderly spend 30% OF HEALTH CARE COSTS ANNUALLY ONCE THEY REACH A CERTAIN AGE, WHY DON'T WE JUST LET THEM LIVE A NORMAL LIFE SPAN FOR THE LAST YEAR OF THEIR LIFE. If you don't know what that means, an insurance company salesperson would be more than happy to explain how that, and getting rid of anyone with a chronic condition would enable you to enjoy very inexpensive, readily available and heavily medicated health care on the government's dime.

    Your tax dollars, euthanising defective Americans and, of course, the undocumented. And yes, the upper tax bracket most certainly believes that the government should have this taken care of for them, the true valued Americans in this country.  

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    Check out the non-profit community groups that take Pharma funding. Wonder why Pharma has so much traction on the Hill? Money. Money. Money.

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    He lied under oath. More than once. Who does anyone think there will be blowback from? Maybe Rupert Murdoch will conveniently pick up Burris' "cause" to dispel the stank of racism that slipped out of the stankhole of all racism. Stupid people still buy the blatantly racist NYPost, maybe they'll support Burris for the same reason. Stupidity.  

  • Actually, I think Bush will go down much further as ongoing efforts to disclose the extent of the corruption, deceitful manipulation, intentional neglect obscured by "compassionate conservative" sounding phrases, and greed that was wrecked on this country. Although the Republican stench can still be smelled throughout the country, especially from the losers and obstructioninists without any cause who were left in the House and Senate, they will be peeled back to expose the uniquely rare and fetid stankcheese at the core of the Bush administration.  

  • Go Iowa!

  • Like watching a train wreck. The stimulus needs to be much bigger and bolder.

  • Daschle needs to step down as quickly as possible. He is dragging Obama into the gutter of bad publicity. Daschle is a very compromised advocate for health care. He compromises the effort to truly reform health care in this country. That does not make Dean the next logical choice, however. Sebelius would be far preferable.

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    I've always been opposed to Daschle. The source of his income is very troublesome, not just his tax issues. He wouldn't be a lightning rod but a sucker just waiting to be pounced on to completely derail health care reform efforts that are not anything more than yet another gift to the insurance industry.

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    Meth is also fueling a nasty spread of a whole bunch of sexually transmitted diseases, most of which patients are stuck with for life. Having actually treated tens of thousands of patients with active substance use issues I can at least say anecdotally that Meth use will destroy a person's career - and teeth and gums - way before they get the idea they are addicted to a drug that is quickly killing them.

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    Whole families and communities just die when they are closed or restricted. Just like what happens in poor communities, and especially to women, in the United States.

  • She's going to be great. She will tack left as New York State's Senator. I'm more concerned with primarying Paterson at this point. Or spanking his staff.

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    Thank you for calling it Hamas terrorism and not Palestinian terrorism.

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    Just the expression Former President Bush would have been enough, but his legacy should be full of criminal investigations of his and Cheney's actions.


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