Obama wins NC and IN [updated]

This isn't much of a diary, but the AP is calling Indiana, and Obama his ahead in NC by about 20,000 with 100% of North Carolina reporting.

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Barack Obama Drops The Bomb on McCain's Celebrity Ad

Forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere: the Obama campaign has responded to McCain's "Celeb" ad, and it's kind of awesome.

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Hungry - What's Pizza Hut's Address?

want to know the address of Pizza Hutt so that I can write a letter to them to demand that they make me food that is so delicious and tasty that I cannot express.  I don't want to call them on the phone because then they will have my phone number (spies).  I believe that this letter will be a positive step to end hunger pangs and prevent further hunger.  The following are a few blog comments from other people who are a bit peckish and are included for those who do not understand:

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