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    I actually thought he meant pre-exemption.  I don't think I'm the only one, given the fact that exemption is a word, and 'x' is nowhere near any of the letters in preemption.

    Just saying.

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    Just saw on Fox that Barack Obama (R-US) had won the Nobel Prize.

  • PS: I in indredulous as well.

  • You're overreacting.  btw, check this out:

    Yes, exactly. He has made a huge mistake in purchasing this prize for himself. This will not go unanswered. An outrage of this magnitude is so very transparent to even his lingering supporters. I am having great difficulty with this shock. This is the only place I have found at this hour that is discussing this travesty. This prize was purchased. That is the only explanation and if he thinks this will not be dug into and examined very very closely he is a bigger fool than even I thought. This is an outrage. It has essentially rendered the Nobel Prize useless in it's gravity. It is now meaningless. Oh.My.God. I in indredulous. I just can't function at all right now. I turned on my TV to get the overnight news and when they said this I thought it was a sick joke. Then....my worst fears proved to be true....he actually was awarded the prize for doing NOTHING. Oh, this is huge because it is so very transparent. well, I'd better end this here because I am able to just keep going and that isn't good. Oh dear. What the hell have we come to? Oh, I am distraught here. I need to rant some more. Please excuse. I am beside myself. Thanks all for bearing with me here. It is just after 7 in the morning and I need a drink. oh my. I just don't know what to do. Damn.

    That's the flavor over at Goldberry's Animal Shelter.  Also references to winning a Nobel Prize in Literature for "the book that Ayres wrote" etc.

  • What checkered motive on the part of THIS recipient do you think has been revealed?

  • You know it's funny - it takes me about a good hour, hour and a half to fully wake up, and as I was getting ready to go to work, walking around my apartment, walking to the subway, blahblahblah I must have heard and seen "Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize" like a dozen times and just completely ignored it as "must be a joke/must have misheard/what was I thinking about again?"

  • Lori, the President sets the policy and tells the generals to implement it.  Bush decapitated his general staff because of the number of generals who thought ground invasions of Iraq were a bad idea.  On a better note, Truman fired McArthur for marching to the Chinese border.  It's always been thus.

    McChrystal is saying that to hold Afghanistan, he wants 40,000 more troops.  Okay, but even if he's right, maybe holding Afghanistan shouldn't be the mission.

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    A lot of the reaction is just funny.  Anyone who's been here for longer than a year could have predicted The Blogfather writing what amounts to a damage control piece about it.  There's a visceral hatred of the President, and when it comes from places with no influence and no constituency it's sort of fun to watch.  Which reminds me - I'm also going to check on Goldberry this morning, maybe for the first time in about a year.

    The regular political repurcussions will be interesting - on Morning Joe they were wondering whether Obama could offset "the damage" of winning the award; the fact that it would be damaging was just taken as a given.  The optics here are familiar - I'm recalling "a million cheering fans in a European capital" being used as a negative during the Presidential campaign - without much success it's true, but we've been here before.

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    Oh come on, that's too easy.

  • That should read "being elected President as a minority..."

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    I'd have to hear what the committee said, but my first reaction was "ah, okay, he won it for being a minority President in an anglo-european country."

    Really is that all that absurd?  Henry Kissinger wins the Nobel Prize 37 years ago, but THIS is making it into a joke?

  • But that's generally what the prize is awarded for.

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    If your argument is based on domestic politics, and it seems to be, then proposing a WPA-style investment in Afghanistan is a non-starter.

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    I'd hit it.


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