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    What, in regards to the military issues (executive abuse of power, wars abroad, drones, funding... etc), has Obama differed from Bush?  There's gotta be something, right? Anything?

    Iraq, he's not done anything that Bush didn't already set into motion (Obama the great follow-througher), he's escalated drone use, he escalated Afghanistan. The above.



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    Issues-- they will hopefully come up with the "how did we get here" question. I have my own opinions, starting with the bailouts that Obama took upon himself to own; then the Afghan debacle; and a terrible ongoing strategy around healthcare.

    But yea, its clear that momentum follows issues, that's a great point. I will think about that some more because its clearly the trigger.

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    Yea, that's what it wound up being-- a healthcare plan that mandates buying coverage from corporations. The shoe fits.

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    Well, they don't like the hand that is feeding getting bit with rhetoric is the simple answer.

  • Yea, not something that is memorable, that's for sure. He really threw it all away. He would be sitting pretty right now if not for all that.

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    Neither do all the anti-war protesters.

  • In hindsight, clearly 2004 was the most important election in our lifetime, and we lost it. It was going downhill for a while, and has just sped up since that one.

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    How are you so sure that Feingold is a probably not?  Given he has the fire in the belly, they never get rid of it, and he's a maverick-- it seems right up the alley for what he would do next. Because if Russ loses, its 100% the fault of Obama.

  • No. Having a majority of 5 or less seats in the House, and a majority because of Joe Lieberman in the Senate, ow worse than just losing when it comes to how it lays out the landscape for 2012.

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    Warner, Bayh, they both will likely sit on the sidelines until '16.

    Dean hasn't made any indication, but I do believe he's thinking about it.

    If Feingold loses, he may decide to run.

    What about Brian Schweitzer?  He's obvioulsy got '16 on the mind. He would likely blaze it up and could win too.

    There are a lot of people with '16 on their mind, and that election likely begins the planning and scoping and all in a mere 26 months from now. The question is, does any of them want to move it up to being live and full-scale within about 8 months, at the latest, from today.

    To me, its obvious that Obama is a one-termer. Ohio makes it plain to see. He's vulnerable from the left in a primary. I can't imagine that someone who wants the job doesn't take the opporunity, because at tle least it gives a leg up on '16.


  • Obviously, things are in bigger disarray with the Democratic Party than this blog. I don't really get the affront to opinions. So what if he's anonymous?  Am looking forward to more of his rants, in fact, your best writing here has been the posts where you show some emotion.

    That needs to come out on a much bigger display within the progressive circle if we are going to see anything change, and not just repeat the whole debacle of the latter part of the '90's when the progressives just checked out, which you shouldn't be doing.

  • That would be the worst case scenario in my mind (thinking of 2012), and entirely possible too. 

  • Quit lying. I supported Clinton because she was partisan, and the only alternative after Edwards dropped out, and said that Obama voted like a DLC hack all along.

    The only difference between Clinton and Obama was that at least she is a partisan.

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    Now that he's this close, I'd favor him to win.  He ran a terrible '06 campaign, so I wasn't expecting it to go down like this.

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    I only watched it once, but what I got from it stuck. The minute she breaks into a very sincere criticism, Obama breaks into a big ass grin and nearly starts laughing while looking away.

    I'm more than ready for the primary to get Obama out of the way.


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