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    I'd heard that cutting out the taxes on the first $20K, and lifting the current cap, was a net.  Yea, 5% is probably too low, teens probably-- can always make it 20% or so, and have the first $20K exempt.
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    It isn't spelled out exactly what Ventura has in mind with a national sales tax.  I personally would encourage overhauling the tax system this way:

    Abolish the current system.

    No national sales taxes (get rid of any current ones, encourage states to do likewise).

    Institute a flat tax rate of 5% nationally, for all income.

    Cut all SS, fica... taxes on first $20K, and get rid of the ~100K income cap to having no cap.

  • I don't think either of them have a shot, we'll see later on, probably on the cusp.  Did you see Zupanic's ad?  Ouch.

    Winters (who is black):

    "Jackie Winters? With the liberals. With us? Republican Jim Zupancic."

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    Free Republic
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    All Dem seats, those most vunerable:

    tier ones are getting dark on the edges
    tier twos are sliced, but not even in the toaster
    tier threes are still intact with the bread.

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    These are all pretty much educated guesses anyway. Senate races usually come down to the last week, and have a history of swinging wildly. Nine of these could really go either way, and if Toomey wins, that makes ten.  5 for each party, but with the GOP having a 52-48 lead, the Dems need to win 8 out of 10 for a 51-49 majority.
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    It sucks being a pragmatist and going along with this. John Kerry was wrong to vote to go to war.  I don't have a problem with people that won't vote for Kerry, or are going to vote for Nader, or whatever they do.  Voting for Bush though, then they are voting for another 4 years.
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    RE: "Warmongering will be worse under Kerry than under Bush, and real peaceniks should therefore vote for Dubya."

    I've never endorsed Kerry (I'd rather forget about the fact that I'll be voting for him over Bush come November), but Kerry is definitely the least wrong of the two.

    Kerry voted for the war on Iraq and continues to support it wholeheartedly. He said last December that those who continue to oppose the war `don't have the judgment to be president -- or the credibility to be elected president'.

    That's from Kerry's utterly disgusting "Two Paths" speech, iirc.

    I would love for a 3rd candidate to come into the race to make Kerry abandon the invasion of Iraq.  For it to be credible, it'd have to be someone who was probably once a mainstream Republican that's now a moderate indy, who has the sense enough to be honest and appeal to the 44% of us (and growing) who want the US to get out of Iraq(and that's not Nader or Kucinich)-- I don't think it's anyone.

    So to those who think that the election of a Democratic president will put an end to American militarism, I say, `You ain't seen nothin' yet.'

    Well, that's conjecture.  I sure hope not, but who knows.

  • I'll get an MA in applied linguistics, actually defending the thesis (endangered language revitalization in Oregon), in a month.  Sorta went on haitus a while for the DFA campaign work. I'll try and get up an about section here sometime.  Oh, because of spam and the unsolicited listserves I am constantly, about every six months, changing my public email.  It's always at the bottom of the lefthand column.  Right now, mail -at- mydd.com.
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    Gore had a post-redistricting majority, given the 2000 results, in the new cd (now watch that be wrong).
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    iirc, the 2000 redistricting made the seat even stronger for Democrats, and that Gore actually had a majority in 2000.  Yes, this, AZ 1st, and IN 8th are where the DCCC really dropped the ball in 2002.
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    A note to everyone, I discontinued the mydd@mydd.com email, it was too spam ridden from using it before, and have a new one to use, mail -at- mydd.com
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    Right, from the non-clarification, we don't know what this means, that's why there are so many questions.  I would bet it's a combination. That half are breaking off into 3rd parties, and half are just claiming no association whatsoever, but that's just a guess.  
  • Thy do proportional ev's, so does Nebraska.  So, there's one cd there that is close.... but yea, not that close, I don't think it's a battleground with the NE Kerry being the nominee.
  • I'm just looking for a confirmation from the establishment, or the media buys of the 527's.  I think TN will be tougher, that Gore was in it probably made it closer than it was.  I would guess that LA, MO, and AR are about the same for 2004.  I'd rank CO ahead of all of them.  


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