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    Sorta like the guy who got the nomination by running as the Anti-war candidate who then escalated the war in Afghanistan? Politics is full of fuzz if you are looking deep enough.

    There are plenty of meetings of the end. For example, both sides would oppose the bank bailouts, both sides would oppose the occupations of Iraq/Afghanistan, both sides would audit the Fed. I'd say that's a pretty good start.

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    Good point, we'll see how it progresses.

  • How could TARP have been necessary, when "In the end, hardly any TARP funds were used for the purpose that it was created, which was to buy mortgage-related assets." ??

    What it was used for was to fatten the bottom line of the banks. The trading desks made off like a bandit, flushing down their clients assets, and then buying at rock bottom while the Fed flushed it up. And the obscene bonuses. How can you not tire of defending that scam?

  • So, apparently you are one of the Democrats that believe if the Democratic candidates just ran on bailing out the banks and helping healthcare corporations, all would be well?

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    orestes sums it up with the comment:

    Democrats have control of the government.  Good legislation and policies are all they needed.  Instead we got mandated health insurance, unchecked credit card rates, weak wall street reform.  Good policies (ie, pro-working/middle class) is all the press they would have needed.

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    Right now, the RCP/538 consensus is a Lieberman-controlled Senate: 50-50. If Rossi pulls ahead in the averages (Murray still up barely), it tips it to GOP controlled.


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    Agreed, its probably a base of 45-55, and from there really a matter of whom is running a great campaign, or not, all the way up to 100. We will know the great campaigns, for example, of those D's that win among these seats:


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    The situation is negative. If you want to be sugar-coated and isolated, I'm sure its out there for the reading.

    No one is holding a gun to their head saying 'lie or you die' and they don't even have a job that makes them have to lie.

    Lets not get into what you are about...

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    Pessimistic compared to whom?  Bowers put 89 seats on the table yesterday, Nate Silver has about the same. I'm only invested in saying what I perceive as the truth.

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    It does seem that way, in NV, doesn't it. I remember thinking that they played the card of offensive agains her too early, but really, did they have a choice?  The interesting thing isn't that Reid is turning voters away from both, but that he's depressing turnout (based on CNN's poll)-- a huge mistake.

    Also, WV, is a WTF. Does Manchin even want to win?  Hapless effort while Raese and the RSCC pound on him, but... hicky-gate might turn it around.

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    Yea, imagine if they get together with Obama to reform the corporate healthcare bill-- it will get worse.


  • Not so much in Brazil. The blogosphere really never took off there, and when it did, it was in the mainstream press. So online newspapers.We tried to get the candidates to blog, and they did open up the comments, almost got to diaries, but ran out of time.

    In the UK, the blogs I followed were mostly the ones focusing on polling, and a few party insider ones. Its much more of a closed system there, having to pay membership to belong really.

    Am working with a potential partner to do the elections in 2012 in France, and I know they have a very open blogosphere, so that could be interesting.

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    50.03, no run-off.

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    For '12, it takes away 8 of the '08 EV's in the Democratic column, 4 from the GOP side. Its a big assumption that PA and OH stay in the Democratic column with Obama as the nominee, but lets assume.

    Gains likely in the R column: AZ (1), GA (1), SC (1), TX (4), UT (1)

    Gains likely in the D column: WA (1)

    Gains we don't know: FL (2),  NV (1)

    Depending on those last two, its a swing of somewhere between 4 to 7 EV's toward Republicans, based on this model.

    Obama has a lot of states to lose, say OH or PA, and neither winning NV, NC, IN, or VA.

    He's got to win in FL, CO, IA, MI, NH to stay ahead.

    That would Obama a one state victory. What I'm saying is that FL, now with 29 EV's, is probably going to be the key state in 2012.

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    In fact, Obama's support as a candidate was probably the most pivitol part of it passing. Without Obama's support it would not have passed.


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