New Iowa Polling: Contradicting the Contradictions

From what I've been reading, we are going to see two new Iowa polls today.  Zogby and Strategic Vision.  

First Poll: Strategic Vision 2/05/obama_opens_wider_lead_in_iowa_huck abee_tops_romney.html

Political Wire got an advance look at a new Strategic Vision poll in Iowa that shows Sen. Barack Obama expanding his lead in the first caucus state with 32% support, followed by John Edwards and Sen. Hillary Clinton tied for second at 25%.

That's the Democratic primary.  

Now for Strategic Vision on the Republican Primary

Among Republicans, Mike Huckabee leads 27% support, followed by Mitt Romney at 24%, Rudy Giuliani at 13%, Fred Thompson at 11%.

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Time for an Open Thread

I didn't feel I could make this into an entire diary, and would better fit in an open thread.  The problem with that, is that there is no Open Thread up!  

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Liveblogging JJ-Dinner Iowa D-Party Fundraiser

This is being considered as the kickoff event to the last seven weeks before the Iowa caucus.  

The event is a fundraiser for the Iowa Democratic party, the candidates will be addressing the audience of 9,000 people one at a time.  The order appears to be Edwards, Richardson, Biden, Dodd, Clinton, Obama.  

From reading earlier, of the 9,000, the Obama campaign is flexing its organization, (Like at the Harkin Steak Fry event) and bringing 3,000 people in the crowd from every county of the state.  

So far the candidates are all introduced, Obama's crowd is so far the loudest from what I can tell, but given their numbers, they probably should be the loudest.  

I believe I heard on C-SPAN that Gravel is outside protesting the event.  

Nancy Pelosi is the host, or whatever title that ammounts to.  

As the event goes on, I will try to add quotes from the candidates, how long they spoke, and depending on the flow of things, maybe a short critique too.  Who knows.  First liveblogging, there isn't anything on the front page, hopefully this will kick it off!

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Making the difference for 2008, 2009, and 2010

Basically, we are looking at redistricting after 2010.  Here are a list of what we can do to make big differences in the state governments.  These are a list of the state legislatures that are close to turning, or possible governor mansions we can contest.  It also implies to re-elect Democratic governors / elected office holders.  

Current state of things:
Democratic Governor:
Democratic Legislature-15
Split Legislature-10
Republican Legislature-3

Republican Governor:
Democratic Legilature-8
Split Legislature-2
Republican Legislature-12

Alabama: Elect a Democratic governor in 2010.  (Charles Barkley anyone?)

Arizona: Pickup 3 state senate seats to take the senate majority.

California: Elect a Democratic governor to the open seat in 2010. (currently Republican)

Connecticut: Elect a Democratic governor in 2010.  (Currently Republican)

Deleware: Elect two Democrats to the state house to take the majority.

Hawaii: Elect a Democratic governor in 2010.  (Currently Republican)

Indiana: Elect a Democratic governor in 2008.  (Currently Republican)

Kentucky: Elect 4 Democratic state senate seats to take the majority.  

Michigan: Elect 3 Democratic state senators to take the majority.

Minnesota: Elect a Democratic governor in 2010.  (Currently Republican)

Missouri: Elect a Democratic governor in 2010.

Montana: Elect 2 Democratic state representatives to take the majority.


  • Elect 1 Democratic state senator to take the majority.  
  • Elect a Democratic governor in 2010.  (Currently Republican)

New York: Elect 3 Democratic state senators to take the majority.  

North Dakota: Elect 3 Democratic state senators to take the majority.  

Pennsylvania: Elect 4 Democratic state senators to take the majority.

South Carolina: Elect 4 Democratic state senators to take the majority.  

South Dakota: Elect 3 Democratic state senators to take the majority.  

Vermont: Elect a Democratic governor in 2008.  (Currently Republican)

Virginia: Elect 7 Democratic House of Delegate members in 2009.

Wisconsin: Elect three assemblymen to the state assembly to take the majority.  

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My Recommendation on saving MyDD

Keep the front page to progressive infrastructure, progressive issues, and key parts to what this blog is supposed to be focused on, or on congress is doing, or the congress 2008 elections.  Meanwhile keeping the Presidential partisan debate off the front page.  Today was nice, for the most part, there wasn't presidential partisan garbage all over it.  

That's my two cents.  I had a decent day surfing MyDD and that is exactly why.  

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Presidential Politics and the Media

Here's an interesting take on the presidential elections... 0/

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Real Bipartisanship

This is a big issue in the 2008 presidential and some congressional elections.  So, why is it important?  Here's why.  

"A tie would be just great," says Shuler, who will quarterback and coach a team of lawmakers when they take on the Capitol Police in a flag football game Oct. 22.

Lawmakers versus DC Police.  Sounds like a pretty lopsided game.  

Shuler's colleagues were quick to draft him, even though the North Carolina Democrat's short-lived NFL career fell short of expectations -- to put it kindly.

"It's a little easier than playing for the Redskins," said teammate Zach Wamp, R-Tenn., who will be holding the position of wide receiver.

It sounds like the congress is in for their biggest fight of the year.  YES!  Football!  Something most Americans love.  We can't win without players from both sides of the fence, and we are against a form of executive branch.  Don't worry, we have more players than just Zach and Heath.  

But Wamp, who's still smarting from the trouncing the congressional team took from the police squad last year, is convinced that Shuler can help deliver a win. So sure, it seems, that he's already boasting of the touchdowns he and Shuler will put up as the "Tennessee tandem."

But it may take more than the Tennessee tandem to pull off an upset. So, this year's congressional roster also includes freshmen Jason Altmire, D-Pa., who played for Florida State, and Michael Arcuri, D-N.Y., who played at State University of New York, Albany.

I thought it was a nice article and hope you guys enjoy it too. s_back_in_the_pocket_and.html

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Breaking Blue Typo

Grier Martin is in the North Carolina state house.  He is a state representative.  

NC State Senator Grier Martin announced that he would not run against Elizabeth Dole, just before he shipped out to Fort Bragg for his Army Reserve duty.

Don't want to spread wrong information, that's all.  Any admins able to make the change?  

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Obey to block supplemental funding hives/13088.html

The gist of it is, he is setting an outline of requirements before he plans to allow funding to go through.  I'd do more with this but I read it right before I was going to leave for class.  It is interesting though.  I'll put more in here at 5:00 Central.  

Or if someone else wants to make a better diary and have an admin delete mine, that would work too.  

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Obama's Big Monday

Union Endorsement

One of the largest municipal jail unions in the country said Monday that it will endorse Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois for president.

"Barack Obama is the one candidate who will put an end to the divisiveness in this country so that we can finally achieve greater economic prosperity for the working class and health care coverage for all Americans," said Norman Seabrook, the president of the city's Correction Officers' Benevolent Association. The group has about 9,000 active members.

Second, an Iowa endorsement - former Iowa Democratic Party chair Gordon Fischer.

Who could make people feel positive and hopeful about our future? Who would take a meaningful stand about how money can negatively influence the political process? Who would inspire a whole range of Democrats -- young and old, party establishment and first-time caucus-goers -- to get involved? Who would help remind us of the good that we can accomplish through politics?

Clearly, the candidate with the greatest ability to achieve all these goals is Barack Obama.

And of course, the end of the fundraising quarter...

So let's go. Here's the goal: 500,000 donations to this campaign from 350,000 people by midnight on September 30th.

We only have a few days, and it's going to be difficult. But as one of the 333,235 people who have already given to this campaign, you can double your impact on both goals by donating now and matching the gift of a first-time donor.

Your renewed commitment will bring in a new supporter and grow our movement. Your donation -- in any amount you choose -- will be used to match someone else's first-time gift and will encourage a fellow supporter to take the next step.

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