Big article on the issue of Puerto Rico lls_on_puerto_ricos_stat.html

Basically this.  If Puerto Rico is a state, we get 2 Democratic senators, and 6 Democratic Representatives from them.  If they are a state, they get federal funding for things.  

The other position is "we want to be commonwealth" which basically means they remain a US Territory but the United States can give them federal funding anyways.  That is not likely to pass through congress, yet that is where the people of Puerto Rico are mainly divided.  

I'm for Puerto Rico becoming a state.  We wouldn't force them to change their language, or we shouldn't, I'd be ashamed of our government if we tried to change that.  They should have the issue explained to them straight and then have them vote on it next election.  That's how I feel, any other comments?  I thought this was an interesting article.  

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Re: Big article on the issue of Puerto Rico

This is not about getting new Democrats in Congress, and it absolutely will not fucking pass if we frame it that way.  It is about the United States abandoning imperialism and colonialism and treating all citizens of our republic with equal dignity.  We conquered Puerto Rico more than 100 years ago and its citizens still lack the self-determination that we proudly defended through two World Wars.  Puerto Rico deserves statehood.

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Re: Big article on the issue of Puerto Rico

The "Gaining seats" part was just a side benefit.  With or without Puerto Rico I'm sure we'll be fine for awhile.  We can take their economy in and help create jobs, etc. in Puerto Rico.  This would definitely help their economy, seeing as we don't give them any federal funding now, yet they are all US Citizens.  They also have no representation on a federal level.  I'm pro-Adding states that want to be part of the US to help lift economies.  (What the European Union does - Gotta spread it out timewise or else it would shock the economy a little much).  

by JeremiahTheMessiah 2007-05-01 07:15PM | 0 recs


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