Black Friday

 Today was "Black Friday" and I am not talking about "Black Tuesday's"older brother.  This Black Friday used a new way to spread around all of the deals, social networking.  There was an application out there that actually promoted all Black Friday sales and allowed the user to compare lots of prices of competitive spots seling the same product.  As a PR professional, I feel it is extremely important to participate in this Application world driven by social medias. 

The application also allowed folks to type in the city they lived in and write comments about different things they felt about thee store, regarding lines, wait, products, product prices, and who had hot co-co to dispence to all the radical shoppers. The PR professionals who did't jump on the social media word of mouth campaign maybe did alright, but why not up the anty on the amount of earned media they actully get by using social medias' applications.




Jay-z has just put out his new book and a greatest hits cd recently. Jay-z's website exposes the user to images of New York in black-and-white, giving a very professional look to it.  Also to add to the professionalism, he has dominated his webpage with social media links that makes the user use to really gather anything to the website.  A very brilliant PR strategy to say the least.  This causes more people to use their social networks to interact with Jay-z which in turn, causes more people to see that they are looking at.  

Social networking is becoming a strong way to promote their products, causes, and themselves.  This is such a quick way to interact and get the message out their to almost and endless means.  The medium of social networking also allows the person promoting their product or cause by targeting the people they want to.  In the case of Jay-Z, he has opened his website to all of the public, and in sure the user to connect to Jay-Z through social networking.  Twitter is used to message through         hash-tags that connect to blogs of the desired key search.  

Im sure there is going to be even further expansion of social media usage because we are in the forefront of its growth.  Advertising is becoming second natured to social media.  If an advertiser wants to have strength is the market, it is very essential to be a part in the social media.  In the case of Jay-Z, I am sure he will be successful, for even my PR professor showed us his sight and he liked it enough to show are class.  If thats not proof, I don't know what is.



Second Life

I was just checking out the things in life that I usually overlook. I came across a certain program, virtual world, when my professor of PR social media told the class of "Second Life." After showing the class a video on youtube of what this virtual world is all about, I was at first a little stunned and shocked to see that waste of time involved. Then it hit me.. My professor explained to the class that real money can be made off the virtual money in this program. An avatar on the game can literally do a job, like making virtual clothes, and sell them to other avatars. This transaction has an actual exchange rate to real world U.S. currency. Outrageous. My mind opened up to the great possibilities for PR professionals immediately. For example, my friend and I have started writing music recently but haven't really made any big steps like playing live shows or making a CD. We really don't have the time and we don't want to make the effort. But imagine how easy it would be to put a few songs on this virtual world and expose a mass audience to the music, and at a very quick pace. Not only that, but we could actually make money from doing this. Virtual meetings between different hostile countries could actually take place in the virtual world without someone being worried of an assassination attempt, or a fight. Sure, maybe the avatars may fight each other, but who wouldn't want to see that go down? Or a meeting ground for people who arn't of good physical health to still attend meeting with others, without showing their fatigue. To me, the possibilities of promoting awareness to a cause or just getting a brand name out there may not come any faster than this type of virtual world. To a PR practitioner, the possibilities are endless when creating conversation between a mass audience. I mean, they live in this virtual world; you know where to find them.

Google donates 5$ Million to Journalism

Google has donated $5million in the hopes of driving technology for news and new platforms.  With this type of push toward electronic journalism, there will be new mediums and avenues that will open up as in the world of journalism as it re-invents ways to gather and spread news quicker, easier, and cheaper. 

Google's money is pushing toward trying to find a s standard a standard news platform that people can use to find their news on their mobile device and through the internet.

In the world of public relations how is this relevant. Well to start off, this may very well be a new avenue to promote google related publicity. Anything that Google will want to promote, they can tie right next to the news column that many will be reading.  Not only that, Google can push for a new iphone applications that will allow the users to access Google news faster and easier.  Public relations professionals for google will also be inclined to get more work with maintaing a new platform to deal with.  As Google will own this platform for news, many people will be subjected to any type of google generated content, even more than whats already shown. The public relations team for google already realize how many people will start using this platform and are probably jumping up and down for a news platform for google. 

The money that is focused towards grass-root journalism will bring the new age journalism to a new frontier.  If Google allows a section of the news, or a user-brought news focus, it will overtake most news websites that are currently being used. 

Skype & Facebook Convergence

 A new frontier has began in the social media world.  The leader in online video chat, Skype, has teamed up with Facebook to deliver video chat to its users.  Skype has become one of the most  used mediums in particpating in online video chat and now that its offering its services to the mass used facebook users, new mediums of great variety will be available.      In my opinion, put another check mark in the Facebook column.  The convergence will allow friends and family to have a greater expierence when communicating.  Sometimes words arn't enough and the addition of Skype to the platform furthers messaging.      In the business aspect, online video confrences will soon take place more often, as many people and companies are already on Facebook.  The need for creatin new accounts on different video confrence websites will no longer be needed as Skype will rule the medium.  As well, I believe customer service will also exponetially grow. Imagine, your internet crashes down and now you will have  customer service showing you what to do instead of telling you.  The 2-way communication will be further intergrated into a 2.1-way- communication as the visual element will be intergrated into the formula.  Busisnesses will be held accountable to have an online customer service as more and more companies adopt the service.  Having a customer department in your home with a visual twist is the next step into home serivice.       This convergence is an example of the many leaps that social media has made.  It will be interesting to see how  user-generated content and the variety of tools at hand will be intergrated into our everday lives.

facebook sex show

On Sept. 22, a Rutger student was allegedly video taped durning a sexual encounter at a dorm room.  The Rutger student was secretly being watched through a video camera that his roommate had been casting for a few days.

 Yes, the significance of the sex tape involved homosexuality, but there inlays the hate crime.  I feel that if someone wants to have sexual relations with another of the same sex, that is up to them.  But I also feel that the roommate needs to come clean about the his or her sexual orientation.  I just feel that it would serve a more clearer atmosphere in the living environment.  Also, if a person doesn't want anyone knowing about their sexual orientation, I believe that type of experimentation does't need to be tried in the room that you share with another.  

Now, on to the topic of showing this video.  This is clearly an evasion to privacy.  Whether a homosexual act or just plain spying on someone, video taping somebody without consent is  definitely against the law.  Although it was his own dorm room, the manner that the student went about exploiting the sexual encounter is agaisnt the law, in my mind.

 The next time your having an idea of video taping or voice recording  an individual without consent, maybe displaying this criminal act online will pass through your mind.  The fact that this person put the live feed online is beyond me.  It was probably personal vendetta, and the way the individual reacted to the issue was a way to get back.  Its an uncomfortable situation, but the way the issue was deal with ended up in a suicide.  I feel badly for the parents who had to hear of their child's death and sexual orientation if that bothered them or not. 








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