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    I believe having Palin strengthens the grassroots voters of the republican party.  It doesn't really matter how much the two screw up votes because the feeling most Americans are receiving is they can't screw it up enough to change the fact we will have a new party leading the house as well as a change in presidency come 2012.

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    With regard to attacking the Tea Party, I think we generally get the sense that this group is a crazy hate monger.  What we fail to see are the other party members not at these rallies. Many don't want the party face to look that way and are to busy working or dropping their children off at school.

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    It just seems to me that the Obama voters of 2008 are looking new venues to vote for.  This spike in 3rd parties is just a testament to how close and important the swing voter were and will be in this frontier of elections.  

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    I don't undertand how you can come up with a number like that when there hasn't been a poll to see this.  Anyways, polls that you get this type of information on is flawed with margin error.  I wouldn't read in to this anymore.

  • There definitely is a sect out there that are are forcefully pushing hate politics. I was reminded by this of the election day harassment to voters at the voting area. Maybe you remember the two men of the New Black Panther organization outside of a voting area in Philadelphia with night sticks, or billy clubs. This type of thuggery, unfortunately, are also a demographic voting base for president Obama.  And it seems that Jerome was extending a violent arm to the online internet world as well.


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