Skype & Facebook Convergence

 A new frontier has began in the social media world.  The leader in online video chat, Skype, has teamed up with Facebook to deliver video chat to its users.  Skype has become one of the most  used mediums in particpating in online video chat and now that its offering its services to the mass used facebook users, new mediums of great variety will be available.      In my opinion, put another check mark in the Facebook column.  The convergence will allow friends and family to have a greater expierence when communicating.  Sometimes words arn't enough and the addition of Skype to the platform furthers messaging.      In the business aspect, online video confrences will soon take place more often, as many people and companies are already on Facebook.  The need for creatin new accounts on different video confrence websites will no longer be needed as Skype will rule the medium.  As well, I believe customer service will also exponetially grow. Imagine, your internet crashes down and now you will have  customer service showing you what to do instead of telling you.  The 2-way communication will be further intergrated into a 2.1-way- communication as the visual element will be intergrated into the formula.  Busisnesses will be held accountable to have an online customer service as more and more companies adopt the service.  Having a customer department in your home with a visual twist is the next step into home serivice.       This convergence is an example of the many leaps that social media has made.  It will be interesting to see how  user-generated content and the variety of tools at hand will be intergrated into our everday lives.

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