Jay-z has just put out his new book and a greatest hits cd recently. Jay-z's website exposes the user to images of New York in black-and-white, giving a very professional look to it.  Also to add to the professionalism, he has dominated his webpage with social media links that makes the user use to really gather anything to the website.  A very brilliant PR strategy to say the least.  This causes more people to use their social networks to interact with Jay-z which in turn, causes more people to see that they are looking at.  

Social networking is becoming a strong way to promote their products, causes, and themselves.  This is such a quick way to interact and get the message out their to almost and endless means.  The medium of social networking also allows the person promoting their product or cause by targeting the people they want to.  In the case of Jay-Z, he has opened his website to all of the public, and in sure the user to connect to Jay-Z through social networking.  Twitter is used to message through         hash-tags that connect to blogs of the desired key search.  

Im sure there is going to be even further expansion of social media usage because we are in the forefront of its growth.  Advertising is becoming second natured to social media.  If an advertiser wants to have strength is the market, it is very essential to be a part in the social media.  In the case of Jay-Z, I am sure he will be successful, for even my PR professor showed us his sight and he liked it enough to show are class.  If thats not proof, I don't know what is.



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