Black Friday

 Today was "Black Friday" and I am not talking about "Black Tuesday's"older brother.  This Black Friday used a new way to spread around all of the deals, social networking.  There was an application out there that actually promoted all Black Friday sales and allowed the user to compare lots of prices of competitive spots seling the same product.  As a PR professional, I feel it is extremely important to participate in this Application world driven by social medias. 

The application also allowed folks to type in the city they lived in and write comments about different things they felt about thee store, regarding lines, wait, products, product prices, and who had hot co-co to dispence to all the radical shoppers. The PR professionals who did't jump on the social media word of mouth campaign maybe did alright, but why not up the anty on the amount of earned media they actully get by using social medias' applications.



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