• To follow on what Charles said, the French Revolution actually grew in some sense out of the ferment of the American Revolution, not vice versa. The French Revolution began in 1789, long after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  It's helpful to keep the history straight.

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    Obama and Clinton are both in danger, have been in danger since they began running, and I'm sure they're both aware of the fact. That's why they have Secret Service protection.

    Sirhan-Sirhan certainly didn't need a dog-whistle.

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    You're right, I think, that she was thinking of the timeline, and just referring to the uncertainties of the nomination process. For those too young to remember, it wasn't at all unusual, in the days before the current front-loaded calendar, for the nomination process to go on into the summer. Conventions were a bit earlier, so there was still adequate time for the party to heal and come together behind the nominee for the November general election.

    The nomination process has changed greatly in the years since 1968 (thankfully); under the current rules, which award delegates for primary victories, Gene McCarthy probably would have emerged as the party's nominee after Kennedy's death. In any case, the nomination certainly wasn't settled until after June.

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    Seems to me the time-line is what inspired her remark - and she's accurate. The California primary did take place in June both in 1968, when Bobby Kennedy was killed after his victory, and in 1992, when Bill won it and finally clinched the nomination. She was alluding to the uncertainties of the process, and nothing more.

    All you guys who are fainting over this should lay in a store of smelling salts; you're going to need them for the GE.

  • Thanks for posting that, it's one of my favorite Merwin poems.

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    SPD, or Small Press Distribution, is a primary on-line source for new poetry and fiction.  

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    Some other resources for poetry on the web, political and not:

    Jacket Magazine(http://jacketmagazine.com/00/home.shtml), actually published in Australia, is one of the best resources anywhere on American poetry, especially the "New American Poetry" that emerged in the fifties - as practiced by Ginsberg, Robert Creeley, Charles Olson, Gary Snyder, Ed Dorn, Robert Duncan, and others;

    Pennsound (http://www.writing.upenn.edu/pennsound/), which has recordings of scores of poets, major, minor, and in between, reading their work;

    Jargon's site (http://www.jargonbooks.com/), with work from (and about) many of the fine poets Jargon has published through the years, including Jonathan Williams and Tom Meyer, Jargon's own;

    and in the blogoverse, Ron Silliman's blog (http://ronsilliman.blogspot.com/), Bill Knott's (http://billknott.typepad.com/), and ... well, there are many others; try the blogroll on Silliman's site.

    And there's my own, NatureS (http://naturespoetry.blogspot.com)

    More later.


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