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    But he IS going to spend, well, whatever it takes to win.  And he has cleverly coopted many of the major union endorsements.  Wait a couple weeks for 1199 to come out for Bloomberg, and then we can call it a day.

    But the guy has a nearly 60% approval rating among democrats, and I just don't see what Ferrer has to throw at him.  It'd take a totally united and motivated democratic party to overcome the amount of cash Bloomberg will drop, and that just doesn't exist.  And it largely doesn't exist because most Democrats LIKE Bloomberg.

    As a New Yorker, I don't really care what Bloomberg does it terms of fundraising for the GOP when it was convenient to him.  More important is what he does governing the city, and he's done a pretty good job, and a far better job than there's any reason to believe Freddy could do.

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    He can't win in a runoff, but more importantly, Freddy won't win in the general.  This was a name building race for Weiner, and he's succeeded beyond expectations.  He'll be a major player for future races, including the 2009 nomination, and the potential senate seat opening should Hillary become POTUS.

    Dropping out now will generate good will from Freddy's organization.  Selfishly, I wanted him to fight it out, cause Freddy is a hack-and-a-half, and he deserved some of the back stabbing action he gave to Mark Green in 2001.  Bloomberg will deservedly coast to victory anyway.


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