OH-15: Pryce (R) by 1,054 Over Kilroy (D); Recount Pending

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that incumbent Deborah Pryce (R-Upper Arlington, OH) has eked out a 1,054 vote victory over challenger Mary Jo Kilroy (D-Coumbus, OH), according to final results announced this morning. Pryce had led by about 3,500 votes before the final count, which included about 20,000 votes not previously tallied, mostly absentee and provisional ballots.

Ohio law provides for an automatic recount when the margin of victory is less than one-half of one percent of votes cast, and this margin qualifies. The party requesting the recount must pay the cost, expected to be about $21,000 in this instance. The Kilroy campaign has made no announcement, but I expect them to pony up and ask for the recount.

Update [2006-11-27 11:6:4 by Jeff Coryell]: My mistake -- an automatic recount requires no payment by the losing party. The recount definitely will happen. More here.

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Kilroy-Pryce Recount

It's gratifying to see the margin narrowed so much (more than two-thirds), but unfortunately it's probably big enough to hold, unless they find some adding errors or lost votes or something.  Still, Kilroy proved that she's a top-flight congressional candidate, not the second tier one experts deemed her early this year.  And she also proved that the 15th is hardly the Republican stronghold it was 15 years ago.  In fact considering that Pryce is a 14 year incumbent in the House leadership, I think we've demonstrated that this district has a Democratic lean now.  I don't think any Republican but Pryce can win this seat anymore, and when she goes Kilroy or another Democrat will win it.  Eat your heart out, Chalmers P. Wylie.

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Re: OH-15: Pryce (R) by 1,054

Would have loved an upset, but this is pretty good news, as S.R. says.  Hope Kilroy runs again in '08 no matter what.

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Re: OH-15: Pryce (R) by 1,054 Over Kilroy (D); Rec

Kilroy should run and WILL WIN in '08.  Reason: Ohio will have a Democratic Secretary of State.  Ohio might also go through a redistricting cycle.  The state has been ridiculously geremandered, and could be redone nicely to set up for '10.  No need to wait for the census - Tom Delay has shown us the way!!

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OH-15 Recount

I wouldn't really link the party of the SecState to the election results.  Blackwell was underhanded, but their job is not to just elect people of their own party.  Obviously Brunner will restore some fairness and confidence to Ohio elections, and that tends to favor Dems.  Conceivably, allowing that pro-life independent candidate on the ballot would've taken 1055 more votes from Pryce than Kilroy and elected Mary Jo.  But I wince at suggestions that we lost races like this because one of ours wasn't SecState this year.  Kilroy just came up slightly short in Franklin County, and maybe neglected Madison and Union.  (And yes, Ohio's districts are badly gerrymandered as Man from Middletown showed here earlier; the 15th could easily and logically shed the 2 rural counties and gain more of Franklin--which should only be in 2 districts, not 3!).  Pryce was clearly very rusty, but unseating a 14 year incumbent in the House leadership is not an easy task.

Whether Kilroy should run in 08 is a difficult quetsion.  Sometimes these repeated rematches eventually work, like Bill Luther vs. John Kline in MN (Luther won in 98 and 2000, Kline won in 02).  Or Strickland vs. Cremeans in OH-6 in 96.  Or Hill and Sodrel the last 3 elections in IN-9.  But on the other hand, if you start racking up losses, you generate a reputation as a loser who can't win.  Cynthia Ruccia lost to Kasich twice, than ran for an office much better suited to her (state rep) in 98 and lost again.  Her political career is over.  Comeback bids by former Reps. are particularly unsuccessful--see Ken Lucas this year and Scotty Baesler in the same state in 2000.  Baron Hill and Nick Lampson were happy exceptions this year.  Kilroy could be better off staying at the Franklin County Commission, building a solid record there, and running when Pryce leaves.  May depend how targeted the DCCC makes the race in 08.  If Pryce is a top target again, it probably only makes sense for Kilroy to take another swing--a leaf falls the other way and she wins (well, at least if a leaf = 527 votes ;).  Ohio has no GOV or SEN race in 08, but there will be the presidential.  Who knows which side that will help at this point...  And I still have fantasies that Ben Espy should be in Congress from Columbus.  Pryce doesn't even live in Columbus, and Tiberi moved out of Franklin County!  Hobson lives in Springfield--how can he credibly represent Franklin?

Republicans still have both houses of the legislature in Ohio, as well as the new Auditor.  Which means they retain control of the state apportionment board that draws congressional boundaries, as well as the legislature that votes on them.  There could be redistricting reform, which would be the ideal and which even the extreme right-wing Columbus Dispatch advocates in the wake of 2005's Reform Ohio Now efforts.  But I don't see redistricting happening in the 2007-08 session.

I did want to note that based on the numbers from Channel 4 (WCMH), they counted 88% of the provisional ballots this time, up from 85% in 2004.

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Re: OH-15: Pryce (R) by 1,054 Over Kilroy (D); Rec

10tv.com has the news---
..Pryce had 110,711 votes to Kilroy's 109,657, giving Pryce a 50.2 percent to Kilroy's 49.8 percent. That margin is tight enough to require a recount....

Re-count the votes.  Since they 'lost' some voting machines  on election night, who knows what else they've lost?  Matt Damschroder, the head of Franklin Co. Board of Elections, was a little tooooooo cozy with Diebold a few years ago. Black Box Voting Story: http://www.bbvforums.org/forums/messages /8/7705.html?1121954249    I don't trust him as far as I could throw him.  If you see him, you'll see that I couldn't throw him at all.

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