• Another example of shifting blame to try to score cheap, and weak, political points.

    Explain this to me please. What cheap, weak political points am I trying to score? Don't get it really.

  • they still have a dayjob, you know. I suppose these are not your Senators? When asking people to do the job they were elected to is "b.s." then why bother to still elect anyone?

    As for Nevada. They're doing a minimal of campaigning there compared to IA, NH and SC. Basically only doing one day stops, none of the around the state campaigning they're doing in the other three states.

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    This week a new addition to the state community blog world was launched: My Silver State - Where Progressive Nevadans Unite

  • thanks for the compliments!

  • Any chance one of you two is talking about Gus Van Sant? He does live in Portland. But that would be wild (maybe even wilder than the notion of John Grisham running in Mississippi).

    Van Sant's Wikipedia entry:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gus_Van_San t

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    Steve Marchand has recently received a round of early endorsements which, for an out-of-stater, look pretty impressive:

    Marchand's early supporters include:

    · Tim Ashwell- Town Chair, Durham & NH Democratic State Cmte.
    · Jon Bresler- NH Democratic State Cmte.
    · Hon. Martha Fuller Clark- Senate Majority Whip & 1st Vice Chair, NHDP
    · Kelleigh Domaingue- Manchester School Board Member
    · Anita Friedman- Member, Democratic National Committee
    · Hon. Maggie Hassan- Senate President Pro Tempore
    · Hon. Ed Osborne- Alderman, Manchester
    · Joe Pace- Town Chair, Exeter
    · Dorothy Solomon- Secretary, NHDP & Former Chair, Carroll County
    · Stan Solomon- Carroll County At-Large & NH State Democratic Cmtes.
    · Rob Werner- Chair, Merrimack County Democrats

    As for Katrina Swett, here's her "steering committee":

    The steering committee's Executive Team includes:

       Mayor Bob Baines - former Mayor of Manchester

       Mayor Mike Blastos - Mayor of Keene

       Ambassador George Bruno - former Ambassador to Belize, former Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party

       Frank and Irja Cilluffo - Portsmouth philanthropists and activists

       The Honorable Jane Clemons - Vice-chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party

       The Honorable Steve DeStefano - Vice-chair of the House Commerce Committee

       Roger Goun - Co-founder of Democracy for New Hampshire and State Senate candidate

       Mayor Martin Gross - Democratic leader and former Mayor of Concord

       The Honorable Betty Lasky - Assistant House Majority Leader

       Dr. Elliot Lasky

       The Honorable Mike Lopez - Chairman of the Manchester Board of Aldermen

       Paul Robitaille - Chair of the Coos County Democrats

       Donna Soucy - State Senate Chief of Staff and Treasurer of the Manchester City Democrats

       Jeff Woodburn - former Chair of the NHDP

    Since Swett is basically the insider candidate, I think Marchands' support among NH Dem officials is quite impressive.

  • At Helluva Heller we thought about possible candidates and have done a poll with a few names in which 40 people voted.

    Since Derby hasn't officially announced her intentions either way, we included her in the poll:

    http://helluvaheller.blogspot.com/2007/0 5/cd2-2008-democratic-candidate-poll.htm l

    Here are the results:

    28% for Jill Derby
    23% for Assembly Member Sheila Leslie (Reno)
    20% for Assembly Member Debbie Smith (Sparks)
    15% for State Treasurer Kate Marshall (Reno)

    Others included in the poll were freshman Assembly Member David Bobzien (Reno - 5%), Washoe County (Reno and Sparks) party chair and environmental litigation lawyer Chris Wicker (3%) and former Miss Nevada and 2nd Vice Chair of NV Dems Teresa Benitez Thompson (8%).

    It's still unknown who will run but my bet is that either Leslie, Smith or Marshall will eventually run. As of now it's all speculation.

    I did notice however, that Sheila Leslie will join Democrats Work on Saturday in Reno.

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    You can help by joining the Helluva Heller - Defeating Dean Heller in 2008 group at the Democratic Party's PartyBuilder social networking site!

  • Don't give up on NV-02. Freshman Dean Heller is vulnerable. Though he won statewide (Secretary of State) three times and NV-02 has always been represented by a Republican he won with only 50% of the vote in 2006 against Jill Derby's 45%. Also the biggest city in the district, Reno, is turning blue more and more.

    For this reason I have set up a blog called Helluva Heller and have recently been joined by several other Nevada bloggers. Read more here:


    BTW, no serious candidate has declared yet in either NV-02 or 03.

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    Thanks for the video!

    Jason also wrote a great book on his two years with the Peace Corps in South Africa called Power Lines. It's a captivating read and he is a gifted writer. I wrote a book review over at my blog:

    http://turntahoeblue.blogspot.com/2007/0 4/book-review-jason-carter-power-lines.h tml

    For anyone one of you followed last year's US Senate election in Nevada, Jason is Jack Carter's son and frequent MyDD and Daily Kos blogger Sarah Carter's brother.

  • He could be an awesome candidate, he seems to be the opposite of the old and cranky Inhofe in every way. What really stood out to me was the following part on his issues page:

    Constitutional & Privacy Rights

    Increasingly, many of our public servants go against our constitution by trying to intrude upon the privacy rights of our citizens. Our most fundamental constitutional liberties afford each American the right to make their own private decisions pertaining to intimacy, reproductive rights and religious freedom. I have a clear understanding of what my duties will entail when I am elected to be State Senator for the citizens of District 46. I will abide by the unambiguous ethical guidance of our state and federal constitution. I will know what my job description is as a public servant who has been chosen by the people to create legislation to help our state work efficiently and to provide the services we owe to the people of Oklahoma, and refrain from using policy as a tool to infringe upon the civil liberties of Oklahomans.

    I will work to ensure that in this post-Sept. 11th world, Oklahoma remains both safe and free. We should never sacrifice our most basic privacy and civil rights in the name of security and risk a corruption of power by any political party or administration. I will stand up against those who are trying to alter our state's secular laws in favor of one religious perspective over another. I lost my brother to religious intolerance in the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11, and I would never support any form of religious intolerance here in Oklahoma. Our Bill of Rights is quite clear that every American has the right to the same civil rights, tax rights, freedom of religion and right to privacy.

    I hope he'll run.

  • on a comment on Post-Debate Thread over 7 years ago

    his very intelligent wife that is. I met her in person and got to interview her. You can read the interview at my blog:

    http://nevadacaucus.blogspot.com/2007/03 /my-interview-with-elizabeth-kucinich-in .html

  • 2 Senators
    1 Representative (mininum)

    also (I suppose)

    1 Governor
    1 State Legislature

  • How about admitting two new states: Puerto Rico and the District (State?) of Columbia. DC citizens deserve full fledged rights.

  • The obvious choice would be Jill Derby, who ran last time around. However, she was just elected NV State Party Chair. I doubt she can run for Congress on the side or that the party can switch chairs while trying to hold the presidential caucus.

    The most high profile NV office holder in this district is State Treasurer Kate Marshall who resides in Reno. Other than that it would come down to either a handful of State Assembly members or county officials.


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