• Unless he's being pressured and wants to hold on to his committee chair, that's how I remember it. His first principle (and maybe the only one) is survival.

    He will be whippable until the election, but will be looking for the day when he give the party the finger. He will be more whippable if he has a real primary challenger.

    As Jonathan Alter says, he's an ornery old cuss.

    Yup, he's old. Sestak is not.

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    Ohyeah, he looked like he'd just sucked a green persimmon. In general, I found the Republican face shots highly entertaining; John Beaner knowing his ass was getting whipped; Mitch McConnell looking like he wondered if he had a towel he could just throw now. It was like watching the most horrible kid in the class being ear-marched to the principal's office.
  • Can we have a scorecard? I'll submit Mike Barnicle, subbing for Tweety, who was just beside himself with excitement over this screech-monkey. I thought he was going to wet his britches.

    We need a reset on the notions of moral hazard and fair share. I'm not about to take a lecture on responsibility from people who suffer from malignant greed and an overwhelming sense of entitlement.

    I don't know whether it has a damned thing to do with race, but the stink of class presumption is all over it.
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    Media getting it? I suppose statements like "To avoid raising taxes and still balance the books in Sacramento, you'd have to virtually shut down state government" make it seem so, but the cognitive link is missing. It's such a simple story: this is precisely the objective of the Norquistos. That beautiful state, that incredibly rich and blessed state is crumbling, it's like a brain with end stage Alzheimer's, that's what cutting taxes, closing schools, destroying the commons, whether natural or human-built, that's what that policy makes of a place. And it is a grim warning to the rest of us. And where our politicians and media fail to tell the full story, no punches pulled, they fail. Epic fail.
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    I can't stop thinking about an Obama - Nader ticket.

    This may be too far a stretch, but let me make the case. I caught part of a RadioWest town hall event with Ralph Nader the other day, and it hit me that he is inconveniently progressive, and the farthest thing on earth from being in the corporate tank. The votes he got in Florida in 2000 might have been the cause of Bush being "elected" presidunce, but he argues that there were other forces at work that are equally plausible blame dollies. Several things he said in the interview really hit home with me, and when I got to my destination, I put it to my sister that Nader might make an interesting ticket. Her argument is that everyone is so pissed off at him, it's the worst idea she has ever heard out of me.

    Anyway, here are links to the iTunes Store URL for the free podcast,  or you can get the audio archive on the website.

    Put him on the ticket and tell him he would have the inside track to direct government contracts toward sustainablility. If you have time to listen to the program, you'll get that he tried to sell VP Gore on that when he was "reinventing government." It would give big props to progressives and utterly defang Nader.

  • "All those years I worked, I was paying into Social Security so that retirees could get the benefit of the system they had paid into. That's the way the system works. I guess John McCain never knew that."

  • All politicians are whores, and Randi, God bless her, figured they and we would appreciate the respect she showed them for calling them exactly what they are instead of pulling the punches because they're girls.

    I thought she nailed it.

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    Obama won my precinct on election day, but when the banked votes (early votes and absentees) Hillary overtook him. That was the trend for the county, and a good bit of the state, iirc. With Edwards out of the race, my best read is that it is unlikely that Hillary would improve her situation and likely that Obama would improve his. I could be wrong, but that's how I read it from Marion Co.

    Where in Florida do you live?

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    Hi Alegre --

    Nice to catch up with you after all these years.

    As I mentioned, I live in Florida now; I'm a tab inspector in Marion County, which means I am a paid election official, directing all voters in the proper way to insert their ballots into the scanner. I also open and close the scanner and HAVA compliant touch-screen for handicapped voters. I transmit the totals to the SoE and post the totals on the precinct door when we close the polls.

    I think Obama would improve his standing in a Florida revote. I'm just one person and haven't lived in Florida that long, but going by my precinct and the county - very very red - I think he would improve his plurality by a small amount.

    The thing is, we Florida Dems really didn't need Hillary's massive concern troll act to know we had a problem here, or to make us want to do something about it.

    Florida Dems have enough to deal with, with the party being splintered with Dixiecrats; I doubt you'll believe me, but I'm pretty sure our chances weren't helped by her self insertion.

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    Rachel Maddow appeared on Countdown last night to discuss this poll with Keith. Crooks and Liars has now posted the video, well worth the time it takes to watch.

    I really can't understand what possessed the CBC to sign up with these cretins; I suppose it's too late to get the Dem candidates on board to refuse this one as they did the last?

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    the years until I qualify for Medicare, and even then, I'm not sure I'll make the co-pays. I'm 58, and last had health insurance in 1998. By the time I get Medicare, I will have been 15 years without basic health care. I free-lanced and did contract work for the first few years, but had a major depression. I lived in Virginia at the time, and qualified for services, but found that the law that eliminated disqualification for prior conditions only applied to group health insurance provided through an employer. None of those "guild" or self-employment club plans is available to those of us who have "prior conditions," not at any price. Now I live in Florida, where basic housing is much cheaper, but there are no services. I had an emergency appendectomy while in Virginia, and the cost was covered by a state grant. Here in Florida, the county just bowed to pressure from the local (privately owned and for-profit) hospitals and deemed that they did not have to treat walk-ins if triage pronounced their condition non-life-threatening, that they could send these "unable to pay" human waste to any local free-standing urgent care center, which collects payment before treatment. Apparently they were clever enough to word the law so that it does not violate federal law, which states that any hospital that receives federal funds (i.e., takes Medicare payments) is required to triage and stabilize whoever walks in, regardless of ability to pay.

    I am presently trying to get SSDI because I'm still depressed, and am now not being treated at all, I'm unemployed because the free-lance work I did finally dried up completely, and in spite of some concerted attempts to become employed, I have not been able to secure any kind of a job. My credit is crap, and my treatement for depression is a matter of record somewhere; how else could it be known to prospective insurers that I have this "prior?" In any event, I'm pretty certain that either blot would disqualify me to work in retail, which is about the only kind of work that's readily available here. I have a BA and had a pretty decent work record until about '91, had some years when I made pretty good money. My self-esteem pretty much sucks, being pulled down by the humiliation of not being able to support myself. It's really pretty horrendous.

    Thanks for asking.

  • ...as demographics continue to shift so too will the GOP become a regional party, mostly because they will be so closely tied with rascism and racists.
    Yes, and by maintaining a 50 state strategy, we will accellerate the demise of that old plantation-KKK rump. Staying active and engaged there means putting racism under the lights and the lens. I was startled at how many didn't get the racism that was used against Ford.
  • Thank you. That comment echoed a sentiment I feard from Bob Edwards' analyst-guest this morning. Doyle McManus said the Dem victory vindicated Rahm Emanel at Howard Dean's expense, and suggested that Dean should step down. It really sucks to have to scream at the radio before you're out of bed. If this is the tack the media is going to take, there's no time for a victory lap.

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    Retiring Pence would be fabulous; I cringe every time he gets on the news with some of his creepy ultraconservative hooey. Indiana isn't nearly as red as it looks.

  • Yep, that made me rub my eyes, too. ;-) I'm really an Agnostic Friend, which means I'm listening with measures of hope and skepticism.


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