• Did you happen to catch when they cut away to Chris Wallace after the event? Wallace said that Obama "can't match McCain's heroism,"  thus the need for all his tough talk tonight. Classy, indeed.

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    If Obama had more "experience," do you think this woman would feel differently? Would she feel less disappointed, less frustrated with the media, less conflicted about her options?

    I sincerely doubt it.

    I respect her passion for her candidate, and I admire that she won't vote for McCain, but watching this clip makes it clear that her dilemma has everything to do with her intense feelings for Clinton and very little to do with Obama's resume.

    I don't doubt her sincerity or her dedication to the Democratic party. I don't think she's selfish or stupid or self-centered. But the "inexperience" excuse seems like just an excuse, and one that can be easily overcome between now and November.

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    From the John McCain online store:

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    Uh, this cover is obviously SATIRE.

    I guess you're too unsophisticated to get the joke.

    It's not making fun of red wine-drinking, lobster-eating, gay marriage-loving, terrorist-supporting Democrats.

    No, it's making fun of people who stubbornly BELIEVE that Democrats drink reds with shellfish and have moonlit conversations on the porch with their same sex partners about how they secretly want the terrorists to win.

    How do you not see that?  

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    He had your vote up to then, though, huh?

    And then he had the gall to compare one woman to another, and that pushed you over the edge?

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    It seems like Alegre is having a difficult time reconciling the reality of Obama's inevitable nomination with her fantasy that Hillary is still running.

    Last time I checked, we still need to make things official at a little thing called a convention in August.  Until then nobody's got this nomination locked down.

    Alegre,  Sat Jun 28, 2008

    I will say one thing - he's an even bigger fool than I could ever have imagined if he doesn't choose Hillary as his running mate.

    Alegre,  Fri Jun 27, 2008

    I wonder how she would react if Obama offered Hillary a VP slot before August. Would she be excited for a unity ticket? Or would she blast Obama for presuming he's already the nominee?

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    If it's Tim for VP, they're going to pin the bridge collapse on him.

    Not wholly his fault, of course, but it happened on his watch.

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    It was definitely meant to imply that she is ballsy -- i.e., she's got balls.

    Hillary is tough, women are not tough, therefore Hillary has balls. It's sexist by definition when applied to a woman.

    But I don't know any females who were offended by it either, which is kind of my point. I thought it was one of the more blatantly sexist things that was said during this campaign, but people are more upset about the supposed subtext of "periodically" than they are about someone suggesting that it takes balls to run the country.

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    I think it's indicative of selective outrage about sexism.

    Carville says Clinton has man parts; Obama uses the word "periodically." Guess who gets labeled a misogynist?

    Some woman at a McCain rally calls Hillary a bitch; Tina Fey goes on national TV and calls Hillary a bitch. Guess which one gets a pass?

    It's obvious to most people that sexism played a role in this campaign, but the definition of sexism has been inconsistently applied.

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    I think one of the most sexist comments of the entire campaign was when James Carville joked to Newsweek that if Hillary gave Obama "one of her cojones, they'd both have two." I guess if you're a strong woman you must have testicles, huh?

  • This diary is calling on Democrats (where ever they may be) to help a Democrat retire campaign debt.

    Yeah, I figured you would decline.

    It's more important for you to resist supporting the presumptive nominee than to help your preferred candidate retire her debt.

    Well, my offer still stands if you change your mind.

    In the meantime, you can continue to divide us into Hillary supporters and Obama supporters.

    Me, I'm supporting the Democratic Party.

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    As the author of the "shameful" diary from last week, I agree that she is wholly entitled to blog and vote how she wants. And she shouldn't be personally harassed or attacked for doing so. I don't agree with what transpired in the comments of my diary (which is why I deleted it), and I don't understand the level of enmity that some people have towards her.

    That said, every action has consequences. Alegre has decided to set up shop elsewhere for the express purpose of encouraging others not to support the presumptive nominee. She has written that she hopes some event will prevent Obama from becoming the nominee and she has disparaged the Democratic party. Those are choices she is free to make, but I believe that by doing so she gives up certain things in return.

    She loses the right to  be treated differently than any other person working against the Democrats' goals.

    She loses the right to be shielded from open criticism.

    She loses the right to expect our respect or to ask for our patience.

    In other words, she doesn't deserve special treatment just because she used to be part of this community, and people shouldn't be accused of "bullying" for saying they disagree with her choices.    

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    I use a computer to keep my books.

    How about we elect a President who knows how to use a computer, too?

    Technology literacy ought to be a basic requirement to hold office.

    McCain says he needs assistance to perform basic computing tasks.

    If you don't know how to check your email without help, how can you understand the technological threats facing our country and provide the necessary leadership to keep us safe?

  • Of course she failed to take me up on my offer.

    She's asking Democrats to come together to help Clinton, but she's made it clear here and on other sites that she has no interest in supporting the Democratic nominee. How's that for party unity?

    I've been making twice-monthly donations to Obama's campaign since he announced his candidacy. I'd be happy to send money to Clinton, too, if it would help put the primary behind us, but I doubt it would have any effect on the diarist's outlook.

    Too bad some people expect more from others than they do from themselves, huh?

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    For every dollar grlpatriot donates to Obama's campaign, I will donate two dollars to helping retire Clinton's debt, up to $200.


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