Help Turn the Tide in Northwestern PA

Democrats in Northwestern Pennsylvania need your help!

Democrat Jason White finds himself in a close race with Republican incumbent John Evans for Pennsylvania's 5th State House seat. This is the first time in years that this race has been compettive and we have a real chance of winning- but we need your help to do it!

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Where Is The New Way Of Thinking?

I know that it is a problem all over the country and that it has been well documented on this site and others, but when are the powers that be going to start fighting for more than a handful of candidates? This is particularly true in races for the state legislature in Pennsylvania. There is a great deal of anger in Pennsylvania at republican and incumbents and this would be the year for democrats to take back the house of the senate in Pennsylvania. But the Democrats won't do it.

The Pennsylvania HDCC and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party have chosen to pass up on a huge opportunity and in the process left a number of wonderful candidates out to dry. By choosing to focus on only on races in Southeast Pa and a handful of other races they have virtually conceded control of the State House to the Republicans for another two years.

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