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    DFA attracted a very different demographic than the Obama house parties do.  In our county the Obama events have electing democrats and supporting Obama's agenda whatever that turns out to be.  They are  top down and controlled by the local party and affiliate protest groups that are put in place to make local republicans look bad.

    The local peace groups have an agenda that supports mom and apple pie issues like the greening of America and peace.  Nothing too specific so it all feels good but goes nowhere.

    European type salons would be a great way to get together...but a little too easy.

    When around these events I keep humming...it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood...the song from
    the children's show with Mr. Rogers.

    I wonder why that is.....

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    The good Dr. Chu is a big fan of ethanol production..as he puts it on unused agricultural
    land in America.  The production of ethanol is
    causing wheat prices to rise...and starvation in
    third world countries.

    Archer Midland is located in Illinois and a big
    contributor to Obama's campaign.  Obama is a big
    fan of ethanol production.

    Al Gore is also supporting ethanol production.

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    Hey Beren.  I voted for Obama.  I'm not a troll.

    I'm just scared...Obama is incredibly charismatic.
    Charisma can be inspiring or dangerous.

    I'm no longer sure which it is with Obama.

    He just took a piss on our constitution.

    I'm profoundly grateful to the blogging community
    for defending the constitution.

    Politicians, even charismatic ones, need to be approached with caution.

    That's all I was trying to say.

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    The Hawaiin Messiah has spoken...and he speaks only to his supporters because only they understand.

    Doubters are   trolls.  Only McCain supporters can challenge his decisions.  They are the unbelievers.

    No true supporter will question the motives of the Hawaiin Messiah.

    We must have faith and believe.  

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    >This intense desire to die on the pyre of purity is
    one of the biggest complaints I have with our side.<


    Die on the pyre of purity....it's July 4th...if I recall my history correctly if the framers lost the war Geoge III was going to behead them.  What fools you must think they were.

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    Obama responding to the netroots only happens because he doesn't want to lose another source
    of funding.  He's a politician he's not the Hawaiin Messiah.

    He betrayed us with his FISA vote.  When push came to shove...he chose Bush's way over our way.

    Bush has gotten everything he wants from the 06 Congress.  

    The netroots have responded ...and have
    once again become my heroes.  

    Don't back down...consider putting donations into
    escrow and not releasing them to Bush Dogs or
    Senate capitulators.

    We should like K Street demanding a return our our investments.

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    When contrasting grown ups and children on the road of life....C.K.Chesteron wrote:

    >I was subconsciously certain as a child and I am
    consciously certain as an adult that there was the white and solid road and the worthy beginning of the life of a man who afterwards darkens it  with dreams
    or goes astray in self-deception.  It is only the grown man who lives a life of make beleve and
    pretending; and it is he who has his head in a

    So kudos to the children who can spot a phoney grown up a mile off.

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    It's the fourth amendment ... the constitution that's what you call a netroots pet issue. A lot
    of Americans have died to protect the rights you think are a "pet issue for the netroots."  

    And just to help you get a grip....the congresscritters that voted yes got $$$$$$$ lots of
    $$$$$ from  the telecoms...our congressman got $11K from Comcast.  The ones who voted no got zip, zero nada.

    Obama's response is a weak apology for a strong betrayal.  And the only reason he bothers is because the netroots have made him nervous.  But not nervous enough to defend our rights.

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    So what you are extending is an invitation to
    be a sock puppet for Obama...

    Because you were a sock puppet for Clinton.

    I don't wanna be a sock puppet for anyone.

    Obama wants my vote...he earns it by talking about what I care about...instead of advising his troops to avoid issues and talk about conversion.

    In other words tell the voters how they came to worship the Hawaiin Messiah...kinda like how they found Jesus.  That's part of the training to work on the Obama team.  Conversion politics.

    I'm not buyin this crap.  Obama's team has decided that they don't need "the base."

    So the base has to ask the question...do we need him?

    I'm sick of voting for the worst of several alternatives.  If I'm gonna be a whore I want to get something back...like a pay raise, medical insurance, a house I can afford, and transportation that doesn't cost me more than food and I don't want to send my kids to Iraq.

    What's the Hawaiin Messiah gonna do about that?
    So far he's saying nothing.  

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    Barack Obama got around to issuing a statement - citing what he calls "the grave threats we face," he just announced that he supports this warrantless eavesdropping and telecom amnesty compromise.'

    see Glenn Greenwald in Salon here:
    http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/# postid-updateA7
    and Obama statement here: http://utdocuments.blogspot.com/2008/06/ statement-of-barack-obama-supporting.htm l

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    According to today's Huffington Post Obama supports the F.I.S.A. bill giving immunity to telecoms.

    Patrick Murphy voted for  and supports the MCA too.
    Joe Sestak voted for it.


  • >young people are willing to get involved, but they don't know what to expect (especially the first time out).  we tell people when we are recruiting them that all we want is their presence and a happy, smiling face (which is the most important thing).  we'll take care of the rest.<

    How about telling them that being pissed off is appropriate these days and instead of we'll take care of the rest...try tapping them for creativity, energy, enthusiasm and brains.

    I'm old but dammit Mike's post spoke to me.  I'm sick of being tapped to phone bank, canvass, give money and shut up and let "us" take care of the rest.

    Mike is onto something important here.  The war ended in Vietnam because young people and some old ones too got pissed.  I don't remember a lot of happy, smiling faces and that generation didn't trust the power structure to "take care of the rest."

    If anything is going to change besides just getting Democrats elected....it will take passion, energy, brains and enthusiasm and appreciation for those qualities in Democrats of any age.

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    What seems to me to cause bitterness and divisiveness is the attempt to stop debate and
    control voters by expressions like "keeping our eyeon ball," loyal Democrat,  (whatever that means), etc.

    The longer the debate goes on the better for the party and for the country.

    And if we don't like the candidate chosen after the primary...don't vote for him/her.

    That's not disloyal, nor is it not keeping our eye on the ball..it's democracy.

    I have no clue who I support yet.  But I do know the minute we cave to pressure to shut up and stop asking questions...we the people lose.

    The one thing that does bother me, however, is Bush/Clinton/Clinton/Bush/Bush/Clinton/C linton.
    I mean why not crown them already.

    Let the debate go on.  If anything it is a hell of a lot more interesting then presidential campaigns are once the candidate is chosen.

    Besides, the candidate isn't really chosen.  The candidate is bought and paid for by K Street.

    Just my two cents for today.

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    Bush-Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Clinton, Clinton
    That's 28 years folks.

    Why not crown them already.  Who needs elections.

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    The Democrats Forge Behind

    http://www.salon.com/opinion/conason/200 7/05/25/bush_iraq_plan/index.html

    Quote from the last paragraph of the Salon piece:

    >Now the Bush administration can turn around -- as Washington Post defense expert William Arkin predicts -- and accept the Iraq Study Group recommendation to begin withdrawing troops. After all the carnage and waste, the Republicans may yet escape responsibility for the most significant strategic failure in decades, because the Democrats hesitated and dithered.<

    Today in Drudge:

    http://www.drudgereport.com/  Headline at 8:41 a.m.

    >White House Is Said to Debate '08 Cut in Iraq Troops by 50%<

    It would be sadly ironic, wouldn't it if G.W.Bush manages to bring the troops home...and keep the military bases in place.  In other words the Republicans will end the war -- which is very kind of them ...I mean we Democrats don't want to appear weak....and  I guess the Republicans can end the war and still look strong.


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