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    This is fun! Unleash the hounds!

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    I think she was taken aback at first by Frum's going after her for her "tone" and "sarcasm" and creating a false equivalency with the attacks going on in and around McCain/Palin rallies but she recovered nicely and did a good job knocking him down without pulling an O'Reilly and yelling at him to "shut up -- cut off his mike!" And I'd like to see her joust with Paul Wolfowitz, but don't expect him to take up her invitation anytime soon.

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    I don't think Giuliani intended that to be an attack -- it was the crowd that mocked it, so Rudy went along with it.

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    FWIW, Lynn Sweet is with the Sun-Times.

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    "intellectually dishonest" is tough but fair criticism of the McCain-Clinton gas-tax-holiday proposal. Clinton's proposal for a windfall profits tax will be passed in the same bill that increases the gas tax by $1 a gallon. And she knows it stands no chance of being passed this year or next.

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    and the media treat it as a gaffe. Working people do resent the Washington political establishment. I hope he sticks to his guns.

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    Unfortunately, Harkin won't get a chance to take out a another right-wing congressman this year. I think he holds the congressional record by defeating four sitting congressmen.

    King's district in Western Iowa is conservative and would be a tough battle for Dems anyway, but this would be an excellent year for it to open up. King might talk crazy, but apparently he can read the statewide electorate.

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    In Pct 310 in Manchaca, a suburb just outside Austin, which normally gets 4-8 caucus participants, according to the precinct chair, 238 signed in for the caucus, with 60% supporting Obama.

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    I would score the debate as a narrow win for Obama on points, since Hillary didn't do anything to stop his momentum, but made a couple miscues of her own. The "change we can Xerox" crack went over like a lead balloon and I agree that it was dumb to take a shot at state Sen. Kirk Watson, who remains popular in Austin despite being sandbagged by Chris Matthews Tuesday night.  

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    Good for Brave New Films. It sure is a welcome alternative to CNN and MSNBC (not to mention Faux News). I hope this can become a regular feature.

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    Cramer said it on Hardball with Chris Matthews in June 2007.  Matthews asks Cramer about how the economy will affect the presidential race, and Cramer calls Edwards "public enemy number one." Cramer then goes on to tell everyone how great Mitt Romney would be. The clip used to be on Youtube but may have been taken off.  You can find the page with the video disabled but comments on what Cramer said at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99BDVzU7p xA

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    Good call on your choice of airports.

  • Harkin would crush King and in the process get out more of the vote in a swing state. If King thinks he can beat Harkin, he's delusional -- and he just might be -- but I bet the Republican congressional committee will talk King out of it because they don't want to have to defend that district. They probably could retain the seat, but wouldn't want to put in the effort this year.

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    Why liberals don't have more radio and TV resources: USA Today reported (10/22) that Rupert Murdoch, who recently spent $5 billion to win control of the Wall Street Journal, told investors that the Fox Business Network, which signed on 10/15, likely will lose $70 million in its first year and cost as much as $200 million before it breaks even.

    By the way, Gannett Newspapers invested $1 billion in starting up USA Today in the 1980s and '90s and wrote off more than $500 million in losses see this story.  It took 11 years to mark a profit.

    Austin, Texas -- the most liberal city in Texas -- recently lost the state's only progressive talk station, with the Air America lineup plus Ed Schultz, when underpowered KOKE-AM was sold to a new owner who promptly switched it to Mexican music format. But there are at least two right-wing talk radio stations in Austin.

  • "Are there no workhouses?" Ebenezer Scrooge, 1843.


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