• And I will guarantee you that if people log their Google Pageranks from before the effort, wait until the new quarter, and log their Pageranks again their pageranks are going to go down.

    Bet on it.

    In fact, if someone has a list of the sites -- particularly the smaller sites, which have a harder time insulating their Pageranks -- involved, I'll go log the things my damned self.

  • Just thought I'd clue some folks in on how Google works.

    If you build a link farm, get ready for Google to beat the hell out of your pagerank next quarter.

    Sorry, but this Google-bombing campaign is friggin low-ball and amateurish.  It's going to cost smaller sites pagerank in the long run.

    The better approach is to get people pushing more real content against these campaigns and have serious bloggers link to each other more.

    This is a dumb and poorly executed idea that might have been worth trying before Google started punishing link farming techniques.

    What's next?  A ponzi scheme to raise cash?

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    If your goal is to do serious SEO, make friends with the following items:

    ALT tags for links and images.

    The H1, H2 and H3 HTML tags.

    Add descriptive classes to you P entities also helps.

    SEO isn't really as hard as people act like it is.  Most people just don't place enough relevant content next to their good SEO work, and Google eventually dumps them for being bullshitters.

    Which means it isn't enough to have a block of links.  That would have worked nicely eight years ago.  Today, Google worries more about your ratio of content to links.

    Basically, Google is reversing your trick to detect your trick, and it genrally works.

    Worse, as your Google bombing effort spreads, Google's scoring system will note the similarities and punish site scroes accordingly.

    That won't hurt a high-traffic site like MyDD, but it will hurt your local bloggers who may only have 100 visiitors a day.

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    Usually Matthews enables what is wrong with the GOPers.

    I give the man some credit for, at long last, having some decency.

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    And then turn around and deliberately screw them on all their line-items.

    My money says they will totally miss the point and donate even more money in 2008.

    Remember, people give money to a brand, and idealization of what they think is so great about themselves.

    In K Street's instance buying and selling power is the brand.  They won't even comprehend what happened if we steal their money and take it all to Atlantic City and burn it playing blackjack and poker.

  • It's hard to compare to a full implosion like Harris who magically seems to never run out of time, energy or material to continue imploding.

    What I'll say about Santorum is that he is a person who generates a very strong antipathy just being who he is -- I live in PA and a lot of people just plain don't like the man, without any regard to issues.

    I don't think how you run a campaign means much in comparison to how the candidate connects.

    Santorum comes off as that kid who told everyone in high school he was going to be big shit and then set about doing it without serious regard to what the point of it in fact was.

    In that respect, I'm not sold that you can build a good campaign around Santorum.

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    Because, I really don't have deeper thoughts any more on Holy Joe.

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    Poor Mark Kennedy... so, does this mean Santorum -- smug, nasty little creature that he is -- is no longer the worst candidate ever?

    Or is that Burns?

  • If the model sticks, our allies should experience much more growth and turnover, thus reducing the odds that a dependent relationship, such as Big Oil, emerges.

  • Corruption on this scale, where you start fighting for key down ballot races to cover your ass, is frightening.

    In all seriousness, the main argument for impeaching Bush is going to be so a serious DoJ can emerge to investigate everything the GOP did during this period.

  • Don't forget that increasingly, both parties are viewed as having a business wing.

    The GOP business wing is vewed as the wing of oldmoney.

    The Dem business wing is viewed as the wing of entrepreurialism, startups, tech, innovation and research.

    It happens that their business wing is stuck with relatively set resources that cannot be expanded.

    Our business wing can grow without any checks.

    And thanks to issues such as net neutrality, our business wing is starting to become political.

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    Incumbents, especially in states where their party controls the machine, just don't get the plug pulled on them like this unless they IMed a page using Jack Abramoff's cell phone while playing cards with Duke Cunningham and Bob Ney using the Ohio state employees pension fund's coin collection (did I skip a scandal?).

    Compared, especially, to other Ohio GOPpers, DeWine has been downright electable.  Consider folks like Blackwell, Schmidt, Ney, etc. who make the Ohio GOP look corrupt and stupid even by the GOP's strident standards.

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    Oh, wait... Bush seems to be the only person in the GOP who didn't.

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    Because DeWine really falls into the category of people who are losing just because of that R next to their names.  DeWine has done nothing extreme to deserve being voted out.

    Admittedly, Ohio is more toxic fr Rs than most places, but it is still a very bad sign.

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    So, you'd have no problem backing Lieberman, right?

    So, failing the "who would you support" question, how about your list of "no way in hell" candidates?


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