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    Because I honestly don't get how this mentality works.  I mean, one can argue that Dean is the same thing, but that ignores that Dean was the victim of an old-fashioned political hit job from all directions (righties who feared the anti-war message and lefties who feared being bypassed by someone who knew what the hell he was doing).

    Carville magically occupies a place in the hearts of the lefties who think they can bullshit their way into office.

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    Isn't that how the old saying goes?  Never met a success that everyone didn't want to claim.

    Too bad the tale of the tape is against the chattering class on this election.

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    "IF we can win this one, we can't win shit."

    I wonder if Carville just feels bad that Dean knows more about winning than Carville does.  Or perhaps Carville failed to understand that when the establishment put the hit job on Dean in 2004 primaries that the "we" in "we can't win shit" meant him and pricks like him.

    Just a thought.

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    Let's face it: consider the role the "white lie" plays in polling, Ford exceeded expectations.

    Mind you, I say this as someone who considers Ford a 100% phoney, typical politician.

  • The GOP Senators are all either too old, or too loyal.

    One of the GOP's real strengths is their party loyalty.  

    The sad part is, Harry Reid had offered Chaffee a chance to flip and he didn't take it.  The lesson here is make good while a good offer is on the table.  Just as well ... Chaffee's loyalty to a GOP that hates him was plain bizarre.

    Much the same with Specter, but he isn't running again anyhow.  In fact, Specter was worse, because the party waited until late in the 204 primary to give hima boost.

    I don't know that there are even enough leaners left after this wave hit.  A lot of the remaining GOPers are Kool Aid drinkers.

    On the upside, there are still going to be tons of indictments coming down against them.

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    I mean, the Illini might as well start finding ways to dump him before he becomes a real sore.

    Is the Lt Gov tolerable?  If so, pull the trigger and spin it as more proof that Dems demand accountability.

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    Sorry, but from afar Ford comes off as very fake.  While he seems like a nice kid, I'm not sold that he is half as deep in the social values and religion as he lays on.

    Frankly, Ford's positions on the war limited his support from the Netroots.  If he had made friends over here, he could have gotten the kind of boost Webb got.

    I was never sold on Ford.  Nice kid, but...

    And, frankly, Corker is still an upgrade from Bill Frist.

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    It will be awesome calling a GOPer a friggin Sore Loserman.  It's about time they had to take some of their own medicine.

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    Unfortunately, I live in a rather read county in Western PA.  Good turnout kinda bothers me here, although there is always the thin hope some of the conservatives are finally getting the damned point and are going to vote the bastards out.

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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_gover nment_in_the_United_States#Census_of_loc al_government

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    The reason the Republicans are devoid of policy achievements is that the conservative movement is fundamentally flawed.

    Aside from tax cuts, the conservatives offer little in the way of serious policy initiatives.

    Likewise, branches of conservativism contradict each other to an extent they undermine one another.  For example, Great Nation (re: Teddy Roosevelt) conservatives' penchant for foreign entanglemants obliterates the best efforts of small government conservatives.

    Religious conservatives alienate old school "don't tread on me" conservatives.

    And fiscal conservatives piss everyone off by asking that stuff be paid for.

    It's time to push a new argument about this problem: conservative cannot govern because conservativism isn't robust enough to provide a real government.

    Anyone who watched a crippled FEMA fumble human lives during Katrina knows the end product of conservative ideals.

    That's the real problem with the GOP.  The rest is just the narrative.

  • That's all there really is to it.  The guy just goes out riding high on his douchebag and douches up every douchey things he tries to douche.

    There is no complexity to it.

  • Take a look at people like the Bullshit Moose, gang.  They are all laying the groundwork to claim this election was a rejection of both the left and the right.

    Bastards.  If it weren't for the left hauling their water on the Iraq War every day since 2002, these pricks would be in no position to win.

    I generally consider myself a centrist, but it disgusts me to look at the people in Washington who have taken the center as their own identity in order just to get ahead in politics.

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    "This election is absolutely in flux, and can shift dramatically on the basis of only a few points either way."

    Did you know the excess use of adverbs is often the giveaway of a fib or an overdramatization?

    We're not at the point we're trying to make sure we keeps Dems scared up enough to pile on, are we?


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