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    In this heap, Bayh deserves a chance.  He was a very effective governor.  Certainly he has the package to run for President.

    However, I don't think anyone who supported the war has a chance in hell come 2008.

    Ask McCain.

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    I support impeaching Bush on charges of treason (I think a fair argument can be made be betrayed America to corporate and foreign interests).

    I just don't think the Democratic leadership has it in them to remove a President by firing squad.

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    I would be surprised if he makes much effort to combat the Dems as long as they turn a blind eye to Iraq.

    The downer would be if the Dems decide to aggressively pursue impeachment.  Then, the chuckleheads like Rove get their chance to fight one more bareknuckle round.  And all bets would be off at that point.

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    The real footwork is going to take more than one term.  And, frankly, a lot of issues are going to be ignored for the good of the nation.

    I suspect, to people's surprise, this Congress is going to actually get thing done with Bush.

    A number of factors come into play.

    1. Bush will likely accept a sort of detente where he can continue wrecking Iraq and Afghanistan in exchange for letting the Dems move the domestic agenda.  The Dems will let him do it because there is no better way short of impeaching Bush.

    2. Bush isn't a very hardcore conservative outside the realm of war.

    3. Bush is disinclined toward drawn out domestic battles anyhow.

    4. Bush and the Dems agree more often than we like to admit.  Look at the immigration bill, which stands a much better chance now with the Dems in power.

    5. Most of Bush's policies are dead in the water anyhow.  No more tax cuts.  No Social Security gutting.

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    Dude, if raising the minimum wage and universal healthcare have become conservative values, then dammit, that's GOOD!!!

    The Republicans have long fought battles to destroy Social Security and the minimum wage.  

    I would offer their failure and even concession to these Democratic values is simpky great for the nation.

    Remember, they have basically lost the war on the environment.  They're close to losing their last stand against global warming.

    They've basically told the electorate its OK to call Democrats conservative.  Voters won't dissect that into the degrees that pundits will, anyhow.  They'll read it as the Dems' values are no longer extreme.

    And pretty soon we'll see Republicans giving up on privatizing Social Security, the same way we had to surrender on gun control.

    Honestly, If we have to give them gun rights in exchange for universal healthcare, I'm all for it!

    Seems like the whole nation wins on that trade.

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    Murtha is a goddamned crook.

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    Murtha is as bad as they come when it comes to pork and corruption.

    All this does is reaffirm that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • Because Biden is just awful.  Nothing but a dedicated climber.  Worse than Hillary in that regard.

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    How much attention do we recall for Dean prior to 2002?  

    Richardson is doing a lot of the right things.  Thanks to his ties to the Clintons, he'll never be treated as rabidly by the establishment as Dean suffered.

    I dunno.  I just hate for the nation to go Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton.  Too much like a dual monarchy.

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    Let's face it: when Joe Biden is polling above 2% people are now lost for good ideas.

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    Wes Clark: Trippi barely blurbs him at all.

    Obama: Trippie had the most negative tone toward him.

    Hillary: Ditto.

    I suspect if it comes down to principles, Trippi will look toward Gore.  The idea of an insurgent, returning campaign must have a bent appeal to a man whose core belief is the outsider campaign.

    If it comes down to who has the props to pull off the nomination, it is Bill Richardson.  Small state governor.  More moderate than he is liberal.  Sounds a lot like Dean, huh?

    I suspect Trippi would never support any Senator.  At this stage, he cannot possibly be that damned dumb.

  • While it's been a long time coming, the EVs have finally figured out that the GOP is some really weird cult of self-hating, power-loving gays.

    The real long term advantage of this is that the EVs never particularly liked politics to start with.

    The Republican Party broke their hearts, and it will be a long time before they can love politics again.

    Oh, and Ken Mehlman's "outing" alongside Haggard and well ... let's not beat a dead pink elephant.

    Point being is the Rpeublican coalition freaked the hell out in the last year when they all realized the other guys in the coalition didn't particular give a damn about them.

  • Anyone who tries to claim the center is usually just a faker who is trying to be all things to all people.

    These days, I'd vote for an extreme right winger before I'd vote for a centrist.  At least the wingnut has some principles he wants to stand for!

  • Yes he does think it's a loser.

    Don't underestimate the human ability to create layers of tantasy truth to ignore reality and reaffirm the ego.

    Carville is as egotistical as they come, and people like him require a lot of adoration from other to feel any sense of self worth.

    When they sit here and watch the netroots go out and fight on the goalline to get the last two Senate seats, it throws his ego.

    I am going to venture a football anology again: people like Carville are like the coaches in football who throw the ball every down and can't figure out why they're losing game after game to teams that commit to running the ball.

    They think they're smart enough to change the rules of the game, and they eschew the way the game is really played: on the ground, in the treches.  You knock the other guy on his ass.  Then you come back and do it again the next down.  You keep doing it until the other guy just gives up goes to the sidelines for a breather.  Then you knock his replacement on his ass, too.

    There's only one right way to play the game.

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    Dean is doing the right thing.  The truth is, to borrow Pelosi's phrase, he's draining the swamp.

    There was a bunch of scum like Carville who put the hit out on Dean, and gave us an abominable candidae in John Kerry, a man who would be a better speaker with duct tape over his goddamned mouth.

    These people are plain clueless.

    Worse, they reinforce their cluelessness by living in a fantasy world where Dean just didn't get the job done.



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