• Is anyone really gullible enough to believe that we were going to pull out of Iraq by virtue of Congress?

    Reagan laid down the marker when he invaded Grenada: Congress is the President's bitch when it comes to the War Powers.

    All the Iraq authorization in 2002 did was give it to the President in writing.

    Worse, as long as Bush doesn't veto the Dems' domestic agenda, Harry Reid fully intends to thank him in private for trading dead soldiers for a miminum wage hike.

    It's how shit gets done.  It's how shit will always get done.  This game has been played since the beginning of the Republic and the tune has never changed.

    What do you think the Missouri Compromise was?  How about Taft-Hartley?  Why do you think civil rights leaders got literally buried?

    Seriously.  This is the way the world works.  It is run by cruel, stupid people who will beat your ass every day because the will to act trumps the desire for justice.

  • Just curious since the idea was mentioned that Biden might be credible on some front or other.

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    Bush gets to screw up Iraq and in return the Dems won't face endless vetoes.

  • I'm not enthusiastic about any of the current field.

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    The truth is, Gore can wait until the absolute last minute to enter the race, because his name recognition isn't exactly going anywhere any time soon.

    In fact, it is a smart move because while Obama and Hillary shred and defame each other, he gets all kinds of positive press for playing coy.

    That said, I'm still convinced he's out.  I think he's come to the realization that politics in America is more receptive to change by pressuring the larger public than by convincing a handful of crooks to change their minds.

  • I find most things interesting.  Just my nature.

    The truth is, I don't blame you for how you feel.  Most people in running a large effort eventually hit a moment where they wonder if every one of their constituents, clients, targets, customers, whatever may in fact be some combination of deaf, blind, thoughtless and learning disabled.

    And, eventually you have to sort yourself out about how you feel toward that situation and whether it is worth it.

    I've only had to do that while running a business.  Not so sure where you land without the profit incentive, though.

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    While we're at it, let's consider the claim that all consumers buy junk because they're stupid.  Yup.  Sure fixes that consumer problem, doesn't it?

    Don't take a liking to hating your public.  Otherwise, you will have a very interesting and whiny fall.

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    If any candidate wants my vote, laying down a solid deadline for Iraq is a must.

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    Geez.  You'd almost think Google has a job to do.  Now watch as Google PageRank punishes all the smaller blogs for participating in the googlebombing.

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    I find it easy to believe she's a hawk.  Most everyone who is tuned into the Israel lobby is a fully qualified hawk.

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    Because right now... I honestly don't feel like voting for any of the jokers posing as our potential candidate.

    It is priceless that the Democratic Party, standing here with its best opportunity since Johnson in 1964, can't pull together one decent candidate worth supporting.

    There's gotta be someone more worth a damn!

    So, how wants to vote for Chuck Hagel?  Fuck it.  At least he supports withdrawl.

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    Look how well it worked for them betting the Dems would just stay stupid.

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    Wow, how shitty a lot of the triangulation Dems who rolled over for the Iraq look?

    We should consider the scary proposition that somehow a few of the smarter conservatives with some cover position an anti-war candidate into the GOP nom.  Off the top of my head, I know Hagel is very well positioned.  Gingrich could claim most anything he wants.  So could Huckabee.

    A Hillary nomination would look awful standing next to any anti-war Republican.

    Don't underestimate the possibility of a full-bore rebellion within the GOP over the next year as the situation in Iraq continues unabated.  Even the dumbest pro-war GOPers are going to see the writing on the wall.

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    There was a reason Harry Reid was laying the groundwork for a compromise bill last week.

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    Of course Richardson says he has no interest in the VP nod!  No one says they want to be the back-up quarterback if they think they have a shot at being the starter.  Otherwise, it creates the impression that you don't have enough drive and passion to deserve either job.


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