• It's been my experience that most tech geeks are progressive.  

    One of the most upsetting non-tech issues in recent memory that I remember discussing with fellow tech geeks Hurricane Katrina.  The universal theme was: who could allow this to happen even half-wittedly?  The general view I gathered was that it has been government's job for decades to avert these things, and GOP policy moved millions of people into harm's way purely for the sake of ideology.

    I mention this because I think geeks and progressives are inherent problem solvers, and somewhere there's a Venn diagram that looks like a slightly out of focus single circle.

    Republicans believe that every problem will go away if we leave it alone.  When that fails, they overcompensate with inefficient, overwhelming force.  They're reactionary due to their slovenly view of government involvement.

    A geek would never tolerate this approach to anything.

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    I mean, sure, no one's desperate to get married to any candidate this cycle... but, when is the cut-off for pragmatism?  I'd love to hold out hope for a Gore candidacy, but that's just a pipe dream.

    I can't think it can be later than August if anyone wants to have a valid influence, right?  I mean, by October both Obama and Clinton are going to be through with humoring wafflers.

    Hell, unless the GOP goes crazy and somehow nominates an antiwar candidate -- that sounds only slightly more plausible than the Libertarian Party nominating an anti-pot Stalinist -- the presidential race is going to be over in February 2008.  

    If I were either Obama or Hillary, I'd want firm commitments in hand by the end of summer, or else latecomers might as well wait eight years to joke about working in a Democratic administration.

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    My understanding is that short of a Veep nomination in 2008, Rendell intends to take his football and go home.

    Also, didn't Specter say 2004 was going to be his last run?  Isn't he going back on a campaign promise?  And wont he be somewhere around ... 80 ... in 2010?

    Who would anyone suggest running?  Most high-profile PA Dems are either too young or too old to make a run at Specter.

  • The carriage laws have been the same since the beginning of the republic, back when carriage meant stuff being pulled in a carriage by horses.

    A strict constructionist view (sorry, I like to use conservative code words to screw conservatives) of carriage would mean these carriers are breaking the law.

    The truth is, this issue is being used to create sentiment for reviving the net neutrality debate.

  • Short of a threat of impeachment, why would Bush burn anyone?  The truth is, on the home front, Bush is playing a very strong hand of cards against a very gun shy set of opponents.

  • Gonzalez makes it to the end of the term.  Also, don't forget that Gonzalez is an old Texas hand of Bush.  That's more credibility than Rummy had.

    Barring something truly outlandish -- and Gonzalez doesn't strike me as someone who was IMing pages -- he's staying until the end of the term.

    The truth is, at this point, there's more value in dragging this out.  2007 and 2008 are going to be relative stalemates.  The Dems need to further perpetuate the themes of incompetence and corruption.  This helps.

    We need to be able to go into November 2008 asking the American people to give us more.  More Dems in Congress, alongside a Democratic president, so we can finally drain the swamp.

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    Babbles Rummy-certified "I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States."

    Now he gets to string this out and get grilled further.

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    http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/archive s/012993.php

    First, we now know -- or at least the White House is trying to tell us -- that they considered firing all the US Attorneys at the beginning of Bush's second term. That would have been unprecedented but not an abuse of power in itself. The issue here is why these US Attorneys were fired and the fact that the White House intended to replace them with US Attorneys not confirmed by the senate. We now have abundant evidence that they were fired for not sufficiently politicizing their offices, for not indicting enough Democrats on bogus charges or for too aggressively going after Republicans.

    This is nothing more than making sure you get your people in place to decimate your enemies.

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    They've been emerging across the spectrum in college sports.

  • I miss the days when I was supposed to give a shit who won, instead of watching people spend a small third world economy's worth of wealth on an ego trip.

  • Since, really the Republicans deserve some credit for finally moving on to new scandals that incorporate new people committing new crimes.

  • Thank God when the Republicans feel the urge to call Bill Clinton a rapist that they hold back on account of good taste.

    We owe them the same respect.

    In point of fact, I think we should accuse Guiliani of tampering with public documents to cover-up the fact that it was not his cousin, but really his sister/daughter born of a relationship from abusing his mother just after he murdered his father.

    You know...

    Democrats never had any fun with the fact that George W. Bush does in fact have homosexual leanings.  

    They had a little more fun with the Skull and Bones thing, but nominating Kerry sort of screwed that one up, dammit.

    We barely got around to quietly accusing his father of being in collusion with Osama's dad.

    At what point to Democrats not realize that Republicans would have slaughtered us in a very public manner had we run a joke like George W. Bush?

    We ran a rather noble man in John Kerry, and they accused him of faking war injuries!

    Fuck the Republicans.  They deserve no quarter and shall receive no quarter.

  • And in 500 years you'll never convince conservatives that's not the same thing as signing an oath to Osama bin Laden.

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    It sends a nice message to the base:

    "The manliest of your tribe will be thrown under the bus, because your bullshit is now officially out of vogue.

    "We will not protect you.  We will not hide you.  We do not know who you are.  You never appeared on any of our registers.  My apologies.  Please leave."

    How much better can it get?  They're kicking one of their attack dogs.

  • Yeah, it is.  Sad testament about the world, huh?


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