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    If you apply this amount of scorn to Obama, you must also apply this amount of scorn to Dodd,  who has signed on to something very similar.

    And, by the way, any Democratic leader UP on the Hill.

    So the only thing that is missing in this post is - why is the scorn ONLY POINTED at Obama?  Who, as you know, is trying to win an election?

    Why not Dodd - who has a super-safe seat, and if anyone can afford to pursue a more progressive course, he can, as he did on the FISA issues.

    You need to admit, there is a difference of opinion here.  A lot - not all, but a lot - of economic experts, say that the freezing up of credit is a VERY BIG DEAL.

    That has to be addressed.  

    Now - HOW this is addressed - this is where politics come in, and as progressives, we push for addressing that freezing up of credit, in a way that works, and is the most progressive way possible.

    But the scorn directed at just Obama is counter-intuitive, at the least.

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    Gotta agree - Jerome for the win!

  • There is NO PROBLEM in Hillary staying in, as long as she doesn't run a "burn Obama down" campaign.  Seriously.  

    Let people vote.  Don't declare it over.  Run a strong, non-negative race.  Say you believe yourself the best candidate, Obama the 2nd best, and 1 million people better than McCain, as the 3rd best candidate.

    Come June, the votes will be in.

    Same with Obama.  Both, at this point, run a clean campaign, because with as many votes in as we have, no attacking ad, no snide aside by either candidate, is going to shift the last 10 contents much.  As such, it isn't worth it,for either candidate.

  • Maguffin Ragamuffins.

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    I suppose this is the next version of the Swiftboat.

    You know, it's absolutely guilt by association.  Obama has gone on every program, and answered this, in a sensible, convincing way.

    this post is basically saying "there is no way that Obama can convince America to ignore this guilt by association".

    If you play that way, you've already given up!

    I keep wondering - is there some stronger skeletion in the closet, that made Jerome give up on every single tenet that he wrote about with Markos in CTG???

    Otherwise, WHY in the WORLD would you go back on the wisdom that you personally AUTHORED??

    Quite strange.

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    "Sure, if you splice the video just so, as JEDReport did in his ridiculously manipulative video, it sure looks bad" Todd, this is simply a false accusation against Jed. Go to Daily Kos, he swiped the video RIGHT from a CNN video feed, with everything that CNN reported about Clinton. Now, perhaps CNN dishonestly edited the video, cutting out something relevant, but Jed didn't.
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    You are badly misreading the article - Alter is saying she could win 16 states and STILL not catch up to him in pledged delegates - no that Hilary can't "win" or that Obama can, without the help of super delegates.

    So, wasted outrage, on this.

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    Clinton is ahead by 55! 1438 to 1383!  It says so right there!

    Why all this "barack is ahead" talk?  

    Defeatism, I say!

  • LOL!

    Hey, a bajillion here, a bajillion there, pretty soon you're talking real money.

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    Go by Chris Bowers totals - for the last 4 weeks, he's been ahead of the game in calling delegates, and a week or two later, the MSM and other blogs catch up to him.

    So the pledged delegate count is really between 130-140 ahead for Obama.  Plus tonight.

  • At least, for the DAY of March 4th, it's pretty good in her favor.  She has concentrated on the two big states, and the smaller states, are within the New York market.

    So she should do very well there - unless Obama, because of the strange structure of Texas, loses in delegates only narrowly.  

    Still, OH, RI, VT, all look very good for Clinton.

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    It's fine to support a candidate, quite another to have trouble acknowledging reality.  I don't come here to have Hugh Hewitt style rants in favor of Hilary OR Obama.

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    You voted for Clinton??  Really??

    Couldn't have predicted THAT...

    On a serious note, nice to finally see a prognostication from you not swathed in hackery.  Here's hoping we get the smart analyst you can be, able to ride herd over his prejudices, back at some point.

    Although, with the "it's pretty obvious that this is not going to be settled before August", seems you aren't quite there yet, as it MAY be only by August, but it definitely isn't "obvious".

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    But I could be wrong


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