The Video John McCain Doesn't Want YOU to See

McCain the change candidate?
yeah, right.....
please pass this viral video along....

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Lynne Cheney's lesbian bodice ripper

Kind of hard to believe - but check it out

(excerpt) Mrs. Cheney may even have considered it "cheap and tawdry" that Kerry, by mentioning Mary, deftly evaded the whole gay-marriage flap. But she wouldn't want to repeat the phrase too often, lest "cheap and tawdry" bring to mind the essence of her own 1981 "lesbian romance novel," Sisters, a steamy potboiler, reportedly slated for republication this year, that "celebrates" Sapphic love, according to The New York Daily News, promotes the use of condoms and other "preventative devices" and features a woman character "who has unmarried sex with the widow of her sister."

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Check out Sam's call to GOTV!!!

Sinclair and Pepsi

This in response to letter to Pepsi.Co about Stolen Honor on Sinclair Boradcasting. Nothing earth shaking but every little bit helps.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us at PepsiCo.  Accurate and
balanced journalism is important to us, and we appreciate your thoughts
regarding Sinclair Broadcasting Group's upcoming plans.
We have no national advertising buys scheduled with Sinclair
Broadcasting, nor do we plan to advertise on the program in question.
We will also make our bottlers aware of this situation and share these
concerns so they can take them into consideration as they plan their
local marketing efforts.  We will follow the resolution of this issue
Given your concerns, we also would suggest that you communicate your
views directly to Sinclair Broadcasting Group's President and Chief
Executive Officer, David D. Smith.  He can be contacted at Sinclair
Broadcasting Group, 10706 Beaver Dam Road, Hunt Valley, MD  21030, or
via email at
Again, many thanks for bringing this to our attention.  We value your
comments, and equally, the constructive spirit in which they are

-Pepsi-Cola Company


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