• This is politics, not "social-drinking". He's a governor and former diplomat. He knows better.

    He is either a) naive or b) incompetent.

    a) Because he thought that on the eve of some of the toughest primary fights, him sitting with Bill Clinton having pizza watching TV wouldn't be taken as endorsement or picked up by the MMS?

    b) He thought leaning both ways would help him politically and then jumped on the winning bandwagon?

    In terms of secretary of state, this kind of miscalculation and poor perception won't go down well.

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    I oppose Bill Richardson on the basis of his actions during the primary.

    In politics loyalty is considered extremely important, the way Bill Richardson switch from Clinton to Obama obviously did not go down well in either camp.

    He may have hurt his chances by actually endorsing Obama - Why? Because he led everyone to believe he supported Clinton by having pizza with Bill Clinton, only later to endorse Obama. His relations with the entire Clinton camp went from "hero" to "zero". This might go down as opportunistic and not based on conviction.

    He also holds no keys in terms of the electorate, the latin support for Obama is already in the 60%+ and is unlikely to increase with a SOS.

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    Hillary's "The One" is better than McCain's.

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    It's the backlash. You cannot go a Victory tour if you have no victory, is wreckless.

    Voters will punish you if you do that; see UK John Major vs Neil Kinnock

  • Tinfoil hats everyone, quick!

  • Because
    a) You get banned.
    b) You get attacked.
    c) Clinton supporters/bloggers are on strike.
  • He is not competing everywhere, everyday that passes he has had to u-turn on some policies/issues since his ORIGINAL issues were sketchy at best filled with more rhetoric and less thought.

    Lets be frank, DKos was dumb enough to fall for Obama's rhetoric. In that process they attacked, and yes ATTACKED Hillary, Clinton's, 90's and their supporters, lest not forget the West Virginian attacks.

    So is this the progressives you want?

  • Daily Kos attacked Hillary Clinton with venom, so much so that right-wing attacks were tollerated an encouraged on the website by other users.

    Please do not rewrite history on Daily Kos. We know what scum they are capable of and why MyDD is a better place.

  • Antiwar protestors follow everyone around, does it make a difference...probably not.

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    I think it is possible that these numbers will probably revert back.

    We can thank, however, the long primary, we would never have been up in Virginia, Indiana, Montana etc etc

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    Why is this important? Democrats were gonna win NYC, the same way Hillary would have won Illinois.

  • The first Bush recession was due to the normal business cycle. The budget surplus was also in ruins and so fiscal (as well as monetary) was too tight causing a harsh(er) recession.

    Also the dot-com bust which was pretty much investors going crazy stopped.

    Figures by the government are usually manipulated and have been for years and years. But the CPI is a world recognised figure of core inflation!

    There are other measures of inflation in the USA, which also including housing costs, but the fed uses CPI, so does the European Central Bank.

    The higher inflation now is due to higher oil --> transport --> wage-price spiral. Another theory is that productivity increases from "computing" is beginning to fade.

    Inflation is still pretty low in historic terms, I find people overreacting pretty badly, the banking system is not in good shape.

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    I'm an economist, the current economic downtown is mostly due to:
    a) Unregulated sub-prime lending rules.
    b) Causing housing crisis.
    c) Causing securities held by banks to lose value - hence banks losing money
    d) This means banks stop lending/borrowing money/securities to each other giving lack of liquidty.

    This has barely nothing to do with Bill Clinton - sub-prime lending only really took off recently! The poor regulation is due to Bush also.

    Secondly oil-prices are unstable due to Iraq/Iran pressures and general demand incrases from China and India.

    So stop insulting the intelligence of readers!

  • Umm, how many long life republicans voted to support Obama and Clinton this time and switched back. Does that man they are no longer life-long Republicans?

    You can be a Democrat or Republican on principal but switch your party affiliation for other reasons.

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    Hillary Clinton has a widespread of appeal, particularly those who are Republicans with hawkish views on foreign policy.

    Seems rather absurd to say "he/she voted/donated to x candidate in 2000 therefore CANNOT be a Clinton supporter" - I'm pretty sure plenty of Obama supporters did the same.

    So lets stop it with the stupidity of "GOTCHA" arguments.


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