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    while her mouth says one thing and her chief strategist(Penn) and her husband work and make money off another rotten trade deal like the same rotten trade deal her husband pushed through(and she supported) that cost all those people in small town North Carolina their jobs!

    Here's Hillary's problem and it's one you folks have never really picked up on - PEOPLE DON'T TRUST HER.  How much do you think that will bite us in the ass in the general?  Her Tuzla lies, overstating her role in N. Ireland, pretending she's a "gun enthusiast."

    She says one thing and does another.  And people see that.

    This country really can't afford another self-serving, egotistical liar, can it?

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    the historic effects of economic disparity?  What it leads to?  Because I don't think you have.

    Nor do I think you are willing nor capable of having an honest debate on this matter.  You're just looking to score cheap-shots.

    I have spent my entire life living in rural PA and I see what Obama is talking about everyday.

    But it gets beyond that because people such as yourself clearly have no understanding of Pennsylvania at all.  If you did, one of the things you would know is that many people in the western part of the state are bitter when it comes to the government in the east, one that they rightfully feel has neglected the western half for decades.  They don't trust the government.  They don't have any faith in the government to do the right thing.  And they sure as hell know better than to think the government is going to look out for their interests when they are smart enough to realize that our government(both state and federal) has become a means by which those who govern further entrench themselves and take care of their interests first.

    This is why nothing changes in America.  We can't have an honest debate because folks, such as yourself Alegre, are just looking to score a cheap political hit.

    Honestly, what credibility can the supporter of a candidate that has proven herself to be a pathological liar have?  How much credibility can you have talking about elitism when the candidate you support annointed herself more than a year ago as the "inevitable" savior of the country?

    Sorry but when you've made $109 million over the last 8 years, you are not in touch with everyday people.

    Isn't it nice to know that while working Americans were getting poorer during Bush's presidency, the Clinton's were getting richer?  And now they have the nerve to lecture about elitism and bitterness?

    A decade ago, we had the Klan rally in front of our county courthouse.  A few years ago a local church organized a burning of Harry Potter books.  Do you think that would have happened if people had good jobs, could afford education, didn't have to worry about health care, because I sure as hell don't.  And the sociological evidence backs it up - we know that hate groups and negative idealogies take root in areas of extreme economic disparity.

    And if your candidate has come to Pennsylvania and hasn't seen those areas, well, then she's just seeing what she chooses to see because she sure as hell hasn't seen the Pennsylvania most of us Pennsylvanians know.

    Frankly, this won't play with PA voters much because they will probably have more respect for Obama telling it like it is rather than some glib, self-serving career Washington insider who says what is politically expedient.  They might not agree with him, but they'll definitely value is honesty more than Clinton's lies.

    Yes, it will upset some people, namely those people that Hillary is currently pandering to by trying to claim she is a gun enthusiast.  That is something Pennsylvanian's will definitely not respect because they know it's not true.  It's another bullshit story fed to them by the Clinton machine to make it seem like they're not the out-of-touch millionaire opportunists they are.  And the voters of PA will see right through it.

    It's just another pathetic chapter to what has been, is and will continuing to be an increasingly petty, desperate and despicable campaign.

    It's just more politics as usual.  And if you knew anything at all about Pennsylvania, you'd know that most people here are fed up with politics as usual because they see it for what it is - they struggle, make less, have less opportunities while career pols like the Clinton's get richer and tell us how much we need them to save us.

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    Elitism is when you're worth $109 million dollars, sell yourself as understanding what it's like for working people and run you're campaign like you're the only one who can save us.

    That's elitism.

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    If you'd ever been to PA - and I mean actually been to PA beyond Pittsburgh, Philly, Scranton, Harrisburg, etc. - and had gone to the little towns and cities that have never, ever recovered from the collapse of steel, you'd know exactly what he was talking about.

    But you don't know what you're talking about.  You know nothing of Pennsylvania.  You don't understand the culture in certain parts of the state.

    You're a cheap shot artist.

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    screwed?  You know, where he talks about how people in government can't stand to hear bad words - "He said doodie, he said doodie.  Why'd he say doodie?"

    Was what she said reprehensible and off-color?  To some.  To adults it was an entertainer doing what entertainers do.

    Honestly...grow up.  Get over it.  Find something better to focus your life on because if you have the time to worry about pointless shit like this, you need a hobby.  And to hell with this thought-police mentality.

  • Then let's stop acting like children and attribute to people the things they say, because I'm pretty sure a few things could be said about Mark Penn working on trade deals when it appears contrary to Clinton's rhetoric.

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    Or have you chosen to completely ignore the vitriolic bile of bloggers like SusanHu and Alegre, who have spent the last several months launching one baseless attack after another?

    So what if Daily Kos didn't "officially" speak out against Randi Rhodes?  If you hate Daily Kos so much, why do you need that site to validate your anger?

    Get over it.  Move on.  There are far, far more important things in this life to worry about than what vulgar language an ENTERTAINER(and that's all talk hosts are, folks) decides to use.

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    "Please, please stop bashing Hillary and being mean to her supporters."

    What a bunch of b.s. your self-gratifying "strike" was.

    At least now it's clear - pro-Clinton bloggers, like Alegre here, just wanted a free pass to be nasty and viscious and expect Obama supporters to just sit back and take it.

    My advice to you is to take a hefty dose of your own fucking advice.

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    Your conclusion reminded me of a line from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back:

    "You are the ones who are the ball-lickers."

    And over half of his own party?  Check your math, kid.  Obama is supported by over half of his own party...that's why you're candidate is losing.

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    I suppose if she is going to pursue this, it's only fair that she answer the same questions about the very troubling prayer group she is a member of.

    I think Clinton should not have gone here.  But, too late for that now...

    It's only fair that her kooky religious nut of a preacher gets his fair share of scrutiny, too.

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    people offer subjective opinion as incontrovertible fact.

    Front-runners don't go negative.  But they do respond to attacks.

  • I mean, her Bosnia tale is pretty far-fetched.

    And, of course, the Clinton camp never said all those awful things they did.

    This diary stinks of triteness.

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    Blame the people who actually caused this mess?

    It's not Howard Dean's fault.  It's not Obama's fault.

    If you had such a problem with this, why is it only now that the Clinton camp and it's supporters are speaking up, when just 6-7 months ago they were standing with the rest of the Dem candidates on MI and FL?


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